Hopes high for LR 6th grade football

http://amp.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … otball-20/

I am really excited about this and hope it can get kids involved in GOOD activities. It could be a tremendous boost to LR.

Good story, Richard. Hope the LRSD can start producing players for the Hogs, but more importantly, start producing more quality young men who will stay away from crime.

Agree. It’s heartbreaking to see on the news so many kids ruining their lives and lives of others. It really gets to me.

My church in Little Rock supports Hall High, today I heard there are 300+ homeless students there. It’s a sign of the uphill battle faced in Little Rock.

I heard some numbers that blew me away.

It’s a national crisis. The lack of intact families is alarming.

Little Rock Metro has too much crime and homeless which should motivate leaders to deal with underlying issues AND support Fitz.