Hopes for Next Week's Game

Had to skip church today thanks to a bad back. So, I think I have read practically every opinion/analytical post on any board anywhere. I have my own thoughts on our team of course, but rather than add to the ever growing analysis/bitch session messages, I’ll focus on what I hope to see next week and moving forward. Her’s a list of 10.

1.\tLEAVE THE O-LINE INTACT. I’m not the o-line coach…but I suspect at least some of the issues we all saw yesterday stem not only from Froholdt’s overall inexperience, but from lack of playing time together. They now need to play. In games and practice. We may pay for that against TCU. But hopefully by the time we face the Aggies in Dallas for the start of SEC play they will have improved significantly.
2.\tMore “run” in the run/pass ratio please. I sometimes feel like our offensive staffs get’s a little stubborn dialing up passes when the opposing D keeps loading the box. I get that. Especially when you can make them pay. But we weren’t making them pay yesterday. Thanks to sketchy pass pro. Sometimes you just gotta, as Danny Ford use to say, “run the ball down their throat and make them like it.” (I’m pretty sure he said that. I know I’ve heard it said!). Once we decided to do that yesterday, La-Tech couldn’t stop it. That’s our strength right now. Sounded like Bielema felt the same way in his post-game comments. “We got back to Razorback football” I believe he said.
a.\tAs a sub-desire—run more isolation! I found myself literally hoping that the playcall would be isolation long before our final two drives. It seems to play to this o-line’s strengths. Run iso and power players til the opposing D stops you. Mix in speed sweeps. Toss sweeps. Counters. Then the boots will work much better.
3.\tWhile I’m on the running game, let me say Rawleigh played very well, and Kody made plays when plays were needed. That said, I still think we really need Devwah Whaley to play more…and be as good as advertised. Rawleigh has a lot of attributes. Making people miss doesn’t seem to be one of them. I’d like to see Hammonds touch it some too. We lack elusiveness. Just my opinion. Rawleigh deserves the accolades that have come his way. Make no mistake. He has good speed and power. Runs with determination. He came through. Proud of that kid. But we need an “oh my gosh” 2nd tailback. Let’s hope that’s Whaley.
4.\tI knew the “why were we playing off their receivers” brigade would be out this morning. No disappointment there. I understand their frustration. But you can only play press if you have the players. Looks to me like we have 3 corners with the agility to play press against elite receivers. La Tech feasted on being able to get their quick guys on our less quick guys in the slot. What I would like to see is less vanilla coverage schemes. More deception in blitz/drop-off schemes. I applauded when We fooled them into tossing it right to Dre. I’m no expert on this, because you can’t always see the entire secondary on TV…but we looked a little vanilla at times. To me. Of course, we are what we are, and will do what has been worked on. I’m hoping there are other tools in the tool box.
5.\tWe have a fullback ladies and gentlemen. Wow. For those of you who have not watched a replay…focus on #32. You are looking at a starter for 4 years. He’s a hoss. Let’s see more sets with him.
6.\tLet’s see more of Randy Ramsey. I realize he’s not an every down player. But I was impressed with his pass rush skills. Not just quick. But agile. Hard to block. Hard to cut.
7.\tFinally…as well as our d-line played…I was expecting to see a pass rushing group or Ramsey and Wise at ends, with Led and Sosa at tackles. Did we ever see that? I don’t remember it. I’m anxious to see that combo.

Above all, to go back to my #1, we can all focus our positive energy on seeing o-line improvement. That’s gotta happen pronto. Or we’re in trouble against the Froggies.

I think that we will try to run the ball down TCUs throat next game. Our OL and RBs need to play like OL and RB U. Hopefully the light comes on next Saturday and we are ready to roll.

Arkansas needs to be Arkansas and not get away from the bread and butter.