Hopefully, we now have a

“Meddling AD.”

For example, football recruiting wouldn’t have abandoned East TX if JFB had been here, and the basketball program wouldn’t have teetered on being average with the same assistant coaches for seven years.

BTW, I’m a Mike Anderson fan, but successful coaches make adjustments. It might be time for the AD to do some “meddling.”

I agree on the Asst. Coaching front…the defense is horrendous when unable to cause turnovers.

Arkansas shot 55% and lost!!

Looks like a team that is ready for the season to be over and in a few short weeks it will be over.

Our defensive scheme of trapping kills any chance to win a game against good passing teams. They blocked tons of shots and pounded the boards while also getting easy shots. Few big man can rebound 15-20 feet from the basket. CMA finally called off some of the trapping in the 2nd half but it was too late. We have the talent to be better than this but our Coach is too stubborn to change up his schemes away from total reliance upon the archaic 90’s trapping defense.

AD needs to worry about his job! MA is a good coach. This team is missing a good point guard and a good power forward. Both are in the pipeline. The junior college players helped but were not the absolute cure all. Cook can play defense at times but he is offensively ineffective. Macon and Bardford and SG’s not PG’S.
Players need to be smart enough to make the right play and by the way this team fails to make the right play over and over on both ends of the floor.

Army hog, does that mean you don’t think the 12 million dollar man needed guidance either? Does the AD “doing his job” mean he should just keep passing out massive pay raises and buyouts for no apparent reason?

No accountability, whatsoever?

I’d love to work for you.

No I think the coach just needs to be told to do his job. Win games your suppose to win! The coach can’t get on the floor and play defense or take shots. This is just not a good team! They fail to show up and play for 40 minutes. The program has improved by leaps and bounds under MA.
Recruiting is finally picking up! I sure don’t want a grease ball like Cal, Pearl or Holland that will all get a program on probation! By the way Auburn’s new AD was told when he was hired that changes would have to be made in the basketball program. Holland show cause from UCLA days where he defeated the hogs in 95 and got help from the refs. Cal vacated wins at 2 different schools. Or maybe even Pittino who Kentucky hired him even though his previous employer told them he could not be trusted.
I know that not giving the job to MA when Nolan left was what caused the Hog basketball team to tank and we lost recruits that were committed!
Next year with freshmen we will be better off.
I don’t like the attitude of the trash talking lazy guards! They think the world owes them the trip to the Dance. They haven’t earned it! What they are earning is a long selection Sunday on the bubble.

You probably wouldn’t like to work for me. I demand effort and results with integrity.
I’m an old man too! I’m not as patient as I once was! God bless you!

I am with you on that stupid defense. We have been giving away three’s abundantly throughout the season. And in this game, we gave away what 15, 16, I lost count. That should have been corrected long ago. But it’s not happening. We have quality talent that is being wasted. The mediocre basketball program, we remain!

CMA does not allow his assistant coaches to coach. He should. He had a great mind on the bench last year in Lee Mayberry. Now gone. Straight down the line, the assistant coaches are not allowed to coach team concepts on offense or on defense. Do not believe me?, go attend an open practice then get back with us.

CMA is what he is, keep the talent coming in and more of it. CMA must have the better talent to win, not by his ability to execute on the half court. Come on fans, watch the games. We call a timeout late, over 30 percent of the time we turn the ball over. Another 40 percent is a bad shot. Not whining, but it is what it is.

Do you have actual statistics to back any of that up? Or just making it up?