Hopefully just two more weeks of Bielema era


If its not Norvell, you’ll cry a river.

And Adam who are the haters ? Are you one ? I seem to recall you writing a War and Peace length post bagging on the team after the Auburn game talking about how terrible they are.

Such sanctimonious posts from one that himself likes to hate from time to time! :smiley:

Right! Also I want my cookie like 2009 after you accused me of lying about CBB saying he should be judged in year 5. I produce the article proving you don’t know jack and you slink off with your tail between your legs! :lol:

It’s clear who the haters are. They like to jump on that keyboard and argue for the sake of arguing.
If someone doesn’t share in their opinions, rather that engaging in a constructive dialogue, they choose to attack and take pot shots. When I realize that I’m dealing with ignorant people, I no longer take them seriously and respond in kind.

Right. I admit when I am wrong. Just as I did here and have to you on other things. That’s a big difference between you and I. You’ve never admitted being wrong. Just run your mouth all the time and act like an Internet tough guy. Haven’t heard you say a word about Colton getting better. He has been if you know what you’re watching. You don’t. That’s why you often get corrected or shot down by ppl.

As for CBB talking about giving him 5 years from Day 1, I was posting to the other poster. It double posted. Check the time stamp.

Why don’t you go to some games. Support the program that’s about to eat a lot of money. Borrow some more from your daddy. Do something to be productive instead of posting on every thread about how you hate the coach.

Use your apparently endless board time to do something other than reach back to posts from weeks and months ago.

I could do that, too. Like when you said you wanted Bielema gone when he won 7 of 9 with a missed chip shot loss to Dak. Dumb, hot take crap from you but you can’t own that. Too busy super sleuthing.

The new coach. AND just amybe we should have kept CBB. It will be like 17-18 starters back. A lot anyway.

If we aren’t bitching about the coach then what will y’all have to complain about? Now that I’ve said it, I see how silly that sounded. Y’all will always find a reason to argue and complain. I’d say there is close to 0% chance the next coach is as bad as Bielema.