Hopefully just two more weeks of Bielema era

It’s time for a change and with that comes hope for better days ahead.

What will you guys bitch about after the change?

Won’t have to bitch about Bielema anymore and that will be great.


It’s clearly over. Done. Finished. Kaput.

It’s clear almost everyone (myself included now as of the last month) wants it.

What’s the point of 18 threads a day saying the same thing and having daily countdowns? It’s junior highish.

Some of you really enjoy others’ misery. It’s almost certain Beilema will be replaced. But you know what? He didn’t come here to fail. He came here to win. That’s what his goal was. He embraced our traditions, our state, our school. He is a good man who cares about his players & who made sure he recruited high quality individuals who made their grades & stayed out of trouble. We all acknowledge he’s failed at the most important part of his job: winning games.

However, too many of you people don’t recognize he simply failed to win enough in the toughest division of the toughest conference in the country. You have to make fun of him or belittle him or continually bitch about him. I understand wanting to replace him. I don’t understand the sadistic pleasure so many of you seem to take in pointing out the things we all know—we’re losing too much.

There’s even a thread on here sarcastically pointing out how our losses to Auburn & LSU last year were marginally worse than this year so the poster could make fun of his optimism & the problems with the team. Several of the usual suspects joined in the sarcastic merriment.

I don’t understand your mindset. I find it rather disgusting.

You don’t have to read it or comment. I think it’s childish how you and others can’t resist constantly hijacking threads telling everyone why you don’t think they need to be doing and saying what we are. What you are doing is childish. If you are just wanting to argue, don’t you have a spouse you can argue with or a dog you can kick? I’ll say it again and again and again. Brett is on his way out and I’m absolutely thrilled about it! Don’t like it? Tough! You don’t have to comment, just keep scrolling. Hit that ignore option you have and then you won’t have to see my daily countdown. I’m not just saying this for any reason than it’s the truth. Every time someone like yourself jumps in and goes on your little it’s getting old rant or calling people advocating for change haters, I LMAO!!! I really do. I think it’s hilarious!

I don’t understand your mindset and find it disturbing. The good news for me is I don’t have to understand it. I just dismiss it.

Oh good lord. Fine, whatever.

We clearly have some very mean-spirited individuals on board here.

We clearly do.

So you expect to post a bunch of pile on, teenage girl posts and not get a response? Of course not.

Laugh away. You look like a clown pining for people to get clipped. They’re gone. They earned it. They deserve to be fired.

But your constant, pithy little posts are clown. Laugh away. You aren’t the only one who thinks it’s funny that grown mean act like little girls planning for the cotillion.


I do laugh it off when a grown man uses LOL LMAO ROTFLMOA, TTFN, LYLAS.


I’d like to remind all of you the hogs were picked to finish 5-7 and that may be right where we finish. So don’t be to amazed if CBB is still the Head Coach next year!
Paying someone several million to pack up and hit the road is pretty stupid.
I just wonder how many folks think you’d just fire someone and fork over the cash!
There’s a lot to this.
I’m not happy about the way this season has gone either.
Who in the world would take this job after reading all the junk on this board , Saturday down south and SEC country?
Heck most folks last year wanted Mike Anderson fired for over 2 months.
I’m glad Mike Anderson is our basketball coach and it has taken him some time.

I hate to even post on this string but two points:

  1. Some would say that paying CBB several million to continue this charade is more stupid than paying him millions to leave when he is 4-12 against power 5 teams over the past two seasons and has a couple left this year.
  2. I doubt there are any potential coaching candidates that read this board and if they did, they would take it much less seriously than even I do.

I will say this, no decision on his future has been made unless you specifically know someone who is writing the 10 million plus check for his and staff buyout and the buyout for new coach. Rich people didn’t become rich by throwing money around wildly. Team fought hard today and is very young. To those that want him fired think about how you would like folks to talk about you and your job performance. Everyone criticizing your moves without the knowledge why someone is or isn’t playing, etc.

Now to those that want him gone, if your chosen person is not selected, are you gonna complain? What if that coach turns us down? What if new guys ends up worse than bielema?

Of course they will. How many of the big haters repeatedly brag about complaining from Day 1 when Bielema was hired coming off 3 straight Rose Bowls.

I won’t unless it’s Houston Dale or Lester Miles!