Hope We Tag Auburn’s Punt Returner Every Time

This weekend, fair catch sign or not. Just drill him guys. What have we got to lose? We are probably gonna get embarrassed anyway, so might as well go for it. Get your moneys worth Morgan & crew for being the laughing stock of the country.

Would think that being a punt returner in America now would not be a very popular job thanks to NTS. Would hate to be the young man from NTS returning punts for the rest of the year and facing the gunners that do not want to be on the ESPN plays of the week. I agree with many who have stated that there needs to be some consideration given as to player safety for this issue, because this is an accident fixing to happen and fingers will be pointed!

There having the special team coach and the punt returner for NTX in the studio on fox 4 news for a 1 on 1 on tonight show… Great for NTX recruiting but very embarrassing for us!

Should have been done on Saturday!

I was thinking about this last night. Every punt team coach in the country will now be telling their gunners, if the returner does not make a complete above the head high wave it might be a fake, light him up. Now imagine your a returner towards the end of the game, your tired, your shoulder hurts, and you’ve completely forgotten about NTS so you make a half-hearted wave about shoulder high that maybe the gunner doesn’t see, or thinks you may be faking.

Somebody’s going to get hurt because of this.

We don’t have many on our team with a bad streak to do it. We’re soft and tuck our ass and hide when adversity hits. Frustrating

That would be like kicking your dog when you get home because your boss was a jerk today.


It’s simple. Something we all learned long time ago. Play through the darn whistle!!!


Too late. The one that should have been hit is not going to be at Jordan-Hare.


Don’t put it past Gus to try it to see if we have learned our lesson ! WPS

I just hope we hit someone, anyone…

I view this as being one of two things. One is that it was a strategic play that demoralized the Hogs and ‘broke their back’ and they did not recover. The other is that it was a fun and once in a lifetime, wasted play that in the end was not needed and should have been saved until a game was on the line. I prefer the latter! If I were a punt returner, I would practice this week putting my hands up quickly and very high.

Of the two, I think the second one is more accurate. The return made it 17-0, but the Hogs responded with 10 points and were right back in it. In fact, I liked our response. But we just couldn’t generate anything after those 10 points.