Hope we do a big uni change

Really liked the black and red alt uni, anyway hope we do a uni major make over.

I have heard we are breaking out a really cool chrome and split pea soup colored uni with brown polka dots. What’s more its a one piece. How’s that sound to you Gasseous?

I would like to see a white and red version of this uniform that would be awesome

I’m hoping to see a “shirts and skins” game…

LOL! Then we should schedule Texas Southern. A couple of years ago, the TS team forgot to pack their road unis for a trip to Stankvile. MSU graciously allowed them to wear their home whites, but some suggested they should have been forced to be skins with numbers taped on their backs!

That would be nice!

Coach Morris talked about how he had ideas on uniforms, but it usually takes time for the company to shift it around.

In true “Prince” fashion I would like to see a Shirts vs Blouses game…

I just want the long shorts back. You know, those that Al Dillard wore that touched his shoe laces…

Love those.

Uh, this is the basketball board. I’m pretty sure Gas is talking about hoops. It would be Mike’s ideas, or Mike would have to approve them anyway.

ABSOLUTELY Kareem Reid’s handles were 100x tighter when he came out of the tunnel in those

I like our look quite a bit but this will be our 6th straight season with them I believe. Maybe a tune up but keep the same feel.

Look forward to seeing his looks. He’s a creative guy.

Creatively blowing big leads

I agree, just 100% wrong approach to this game. Had ZERO creativity tonight. Running stats were boss though. Ran that ball woohoo!

whats with the talk about?That means nothing,how about playing and coaches not choking on play calls.Everyone needs to understand we have a few average players,no 5 star on the roster.the freshman qb’s prob are the ultimate answer.Every good team has a good qb. We do not.

I think Dudley’s point is well taken: the uniforms take quite some time to be manufactured. That’s why Arkansas couldn’t just get new baseball uniforms when some were ruined in Georgia earlier this year. I’m told that process takes close to a year because of the number of requests Nike handles.

Uh, yes, I was speaking of how it takes time for a redesign.