Hope to see next year

A few thoughts on my mind that I hope to see next year.

A new DC that is an excellent motivator and hopefully tackling coach.

Two new starting safeties, I do not care if they are true freshman. If I see the same 3 guys rotating out there next season I will lose hope, while good kids they are just truly not talented enough physically or mentally for the SEC.

Hopefully more than one corner that can play solid man coverage, more press and less gaps.

A fast linebacker!

A decent pass rush, saw where we’ve had something like 26 QB hurries this season which is horrendous. As well as two 300+ pound interior tackles on the field majority of the time like all other sec schools, 280 pound 3 techniques can’t hang with a double team. Although we have gotten away from that the last few games thankfully.

We will see though.