Hope to see last weeks Bailey and CJ bashers

on the board today. Kids have played hard and well today keeping us in the game

I don’t think we would be in this game if not for CJ. Bailey has really come on this half. They both have been crucial!

Amen and throw Thomas in the mix too

Thomas was great! Some real clutch shooting. He has a really good mid range jump shot! We needed them all!

18 points, 7 rebounds out of the dreaded 4 position.

I gave credit to cj tonight. He shot well for a change. But even you have to admit he’s been very inconsistent at best. Call it like I see it. As far as Thomas I lauded him during and after Kentucky game other than foul trouble. Happened again tonight. He played a better second half just because he was on the court. Hit some big shots and 2 big freethrows. Even the announcers said cj doesn’t see much playing in second if he’s not hitting shots. He played very well tonight.

As has been noted numerous times, Bailey could not play because of the flu.

He wasn’t being benched

I have always said for us to succeed, we must have Gafford to play well plus the bench. We can’t win consistently with only the two steady scorers. That was the case on TAM game, we lacked that in KY game and had it again in AL game. If we can do from here on, the sky is the limit.

Dustin, Adrio and CJ Balled out!!! Dustin is playing his best ball right now. There was a huge dip in production when he left the Kentucky game in foul trouble. Adrio is a straight up athlete who just has to become more consistent and play hungry every game. Against Bama he played like he was fighting for minutes and had a chip. CJ gave his home state buckets. Not sure if Bama or Auburn recruited him but he showed them something. He is a key to the future of this team. He has some Macon like ability–just needs to get more comfortable handling the ball.

Listen I like CJ as much as the next guy but Macon skills? He has elite athleticism and when his jumper is on he vintage Baylor Vinny Microwave Johnson…but if you’re basically a (Junior) Guard in D-1 basketball and still can’t trusted with the ball outside of posting on the perimeter then that is a major handicap.

Honestly he’s a healthy Khalil Garland away from being planted on the bench.

Arkansas has 5 guards (4 Freshmen + 1 transfer) to compete for PT next season. Unless a monumental progression occurs over the summer he’s going to be coming off the bench again in year number 3 behind FRESHMEN

There is nothing wrong with coming off the bench as an instant scorer when “on”, whether you are a junior or senior. CJ may be happy playing 18 minutes off the bench.

Also you are assuming that he cannot be trusted next year as a junior. That may not be true.

We will see. We should know by now that in Mike’s system, if you can play no one is left hiding on the bench.

This is the Dustin Thomas that Nolan Richardson has been bragging about since he got here. Nolan has done interviews said that Dustin is his favorite player on the team. Yesterday, we seen why. He has a smooth looking shot, he’s aggressive on defensive/boards, and he can handle the ball and attack the rim. And he’s a legit 6’8.

The thing with Thomas I’ve always thought is he tries too hard to be cool all the time, instead of just going out there and playing and giving 100%. After the DNP CMA gave him he’s really been giving his all and playing great.

You are 100% correct sir and after a brief reflection I see my take was a bit harsh & selfish in line with thinking of another way of getting another coveted 2019 scholarship.

With such a large infusion of player’s coming in I was more focused on upgrading cough Jhamil Ramsey than giving the kid’s more opportunity and that’s not fair.

We’re not Kentucky or Duke and have a need for Academic development of our kid’s. (Alumni)

As they may some day be coaching 5 STAR talent of their own.

We cheer the hardest for a Jonathan Holmes and forget the player’s we disparage have to attend those same classes too. #WPS