Hope This Run This Year

Catches the attention of some elite BB recruits across the nation coming up in the next few years. We are back & I hope players notice. We need a few more studs.

There’s 8 of them already coming.

Which leaves room for about 3 more in the next 3 classes

Looking for my “like” button

Mike is bringing the pride back after program was left for dead.

If on life support he would have done it a few years earlier.

But was left for dead.

He is bringing the pride back which was obvious against UNC and their elites.

We just ran out of time.

But Mike is re awakening the pride that we were not sure could return.

What needs to happen now for this team is to avoid what happened 2 years ago. We were poised to move to the next level then, and everything that could happen to derail the momentum seemed to happen. We went into that offseason with the hope that Bobby Portis would come back for another year, Qualls would surely come back for another year, Nick Babb was going to be back, we wouldn’t have the debacle of the summer with Beard, Jacory Williams, and Dustin Thomas. Plus we had one highly rated player signed (Jimmy Whitt), and one more committed (Ted Kapita). The outcome on everyone of those situations was a negative for the team. Here’s hoping everybody returns. The announcement by Moses that he was coming back for this year seemed to start a good run of positive vibes, which carried all through the summer with commitments from a lot of good or maybe great high school players.

I’m excited about next year! We will need Gafford to step in immediately and compete, I think rebounding and defense will only improve as we get more athletic and longer. Garland is 6’4", Hall will help at 3/4 and is long and athletic. And we are still after a stud in smith. Gotta hope Jones and Bailey really develop this offseason.

Our run in 2014-15 just like this one, got us Barford/Macon class and 8 future four-star signees/commits and possibly one of them is a 5-star. I always said that 2016 class was the first time that Mike was able to recruit from a position of strength and he delivered. I don’t know why people overlook 2014-15 that had even one additional win.

This season will get us even more.