Hope this doesn’t happen!

I’m hearing that if the game should get rained out tomorrow, that Nebraska will move on to the SR!!
I am praying that doesn’t happen!!

LMAO…your hearing WRONG! I got some swamp land in Florida for sale though if your interested :rofl:

:rofl::rofl: Don’t believe everything you hear

No way in hell that’s true.

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I was listening to the Gameday app and Phil Elson and bubba were discussing this very thing, on their post game show. They said that the rule was if a rainout occurred and the game couldn’t be played that Nebraska would advance to the SR by having won today and had a better record of 3/1 vrs us at 2/1.
That’s just what they said. I have no idea if it’s true or not. But if true, it stinks to high heaven!!

If the game is rained out tomorrow it will be played Tuesday.

It is true. Nebraska would move on to the super if the game is rained out!
That’s crazy but true!

That’s not what Phil said on radio.

That’s good to hear. Where would they come up with that idea?

Ok then. What did he say that I misinterpreted?
Cause they were sure talking about it.

Phil was wrong. This is from the NCAA host operations manual:

If Games 1 and 2 are played on Friday, Games 3 and 4 are played on Saturday, Games 5 and 6 are played on Sunday and you experience inclement weather for the if necessary Game 7 on Monday . . . try to get the game in on Monday OR play as early as possible on Tuesday. (2 – 2 – 2 – 0 – 1)

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Well I am certainly happy to hear that isn’t true. I was just hoping someone would actually know the rule. Thanks for clarifying, Matt!

That’s a relief.

Whew! Thank you for that clarification. This thread had me going for a minute.

Sorry guys! When I heard them talking about that I had to post in hopes of getting some verification. Didn’t mean to cause hysteria! I appreciate Matt clearing that up. Go Hogs!


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They have played Tuesday games before. The rules have never changed on that. Phil just made a rare mistake.

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If it is said on TV, it must be TRUE. :crazy_face:

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It wasn’t reported on tv, sir, it was from our baseball play by play and game analyst on the post game wrap up. I never said it was TRUE, I simply posted what he said, ( which he later admitted he was wrong ), and wanted to know if anyone could verify the rule he was commenting on.

you did nothing wrong Bore! especially considering your source! keep on Rocking your Roll!