Hope I am wrong but I wonder if Noland starts the 2nd half Saturday?

Cole Kelley ran this offense in high school and had no Power 5 offers until we decided to take a chance on seeing if he could convert to a pro-style QB with his arm power. Now he is running the offense he ran in high school about as well as the “no Power 5 scholie offers” implied he would. Probably not a long term solution.

We all hoped that Ty, even though he could not get playing time at QB in the pro offense and was on the verge of transferring, might fit this offense much better. Despite changing his throwing motion, his passing accuracy has not improved. He was the best player on the field in 3A Arkansas football (including when he led Charleston to the win against Jordon Jones’ team) but he was not a great passer, just a good athlete for 3A. Despite three years of college coaching, he is consistently throwing behind receivers and his accuracy seems to be regressing as he is under more pressure. He is a good, not great, runner, but not the passer we need right now.

Maybe all of that will change in the first half this Saturday. If not and we are behind at halftime, it may be time to turn it over to one or both of the freshman QB’s who may be the long term solution if they can survive this year without their confidence being shattered. JMVVVVHO.

I don’t think we will see a freshman QB until we get through the gauntlet Auburn, A&M, and Bama. I could see Noland starting the Tulsa game and going forward. Just don’t want to mess with a freshman’s mind. Playing 2 of the best D’s in the country will do that to a young one.

Not an ideal situation, but I would like to see what Conner’s got. A lot of teams don’t play the snowflake angle and find success. Would you be against Conner pitching in the CWS as a freshman?

Oregon State didn’t run blitzes and stunts to confuse Kole Ramage in Omaha. Nick Saban certainly would.

Storey or Kelley all the way in my eyes unless there are injuries, no more reps than the younger guys have make this option doubtful IMHO. WPS

If the QB is going to be a handler-offer, which is the expectation for today, then why not allow the freshman to do it. There is nothing gained by playing only Kelley or Storey today. Each has shown their potential and they can’t lead full-tilt boogie.

Chris doering on SEC now this morning thought that Noland would throw two touchdowns today! Just a matter of time before he gets in there and yes he will make some mistakes but he’s got everything you need to be a great quarterback

This sounds overly simple and maybe a cop out in this thread, but it seems to me that the coaching staff will play Noland when he looks at least as good in practice as Kelly and Storey. Now, how he shows that with limited reps…I don’t know. I suspect he’s already getting more reps to evaluate the situation.

The staff obviously won’t save Noland to avoid burning the redshirt. So, I would imagine they will play him when they believe he’s ready. One thing for sure…regardless of the future, the coaches owe it to THIS team to play whomever looks best in practice.

I agree on Hogmodo’s assessment. I’m ready for Connor too…but only if he’s looking as good as the other 2 in practice. And none of us can assess that.

I think as soon as Noland is really ready, we will see him. I’m sure the only thing holding him back is the learning curve, and playbook. If things go like some expect with the first 2 qbs today, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him get in. At the same time you also don’t want to put him out there until he is truly ready. The fact that he beat out Hyatt for the 3rd spot tells me hes getting there, and at a good pace.

Ummmm no, because it’s a completely different game. Baseball doesn’t have a crappy offensive line to try and block Bama and Auburn’s defense when he’s trying to pitch. What a dumb post.