Hope for the 3d (paid) assistant coach

From Kendall Rogers on D1Baseball:

The NCAA Division I Council on Thursday agreed to discuss and formally vote on legislation that would give schools the ability to turn all volunteer positions across every Division I sport, including baseball and softball, into a full-time paid position, thus giving baseball in particular three full-time assistants plus the head coach. The Council also is considering a proposal from the NCAA Transformation Committee β€” based on a recommendation from the American Baseball Coaches Association and National Fastpitch Coaches Association β€” to add a fourth full-time paid assistant for baseball and softball. The ability to to pass that proposal has less certainty, and sources believe it’s close to 50-50.

Pay wall

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I think one of the reasons Bobby Wernes is still on staff as a volunteer is because of the prospects of this passing. Typically a volunteer will leave after two years, but he is entering his third season. The other coaches like what he brings to the staff.


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