Hope? Fair Questions? Focus? Adjustments? Clock Management?

I certainly want CCM to win and am hoping he can. but…

After winning two games last year, lack of focus for Portland State could not have been a problem…could it? Coaches do not want to put a number on the wins but us fans have every right. Gotta win 5 to tread water with the fans. If you are going to get to 5, you had to beat Portland State.

They put 8 people in the box for the majority of the game and we did not try to spread them out. Why?

Fact: Poor clock management at Colorado State. Poor clock management prior to half in Portland State game. prior to half is unacceptable at this level. Surely CCM knew clock management was something he needed to correct. Not corrected yet. Agreed?

Special Teams: On the punt coverage team, why do the wideouts covering the punt, allow the ball to bounce at the 5. You have them stuck at the 5 for crying out loud. That is a coaching error IMO. We are not close to being where we need to be in order to be bowl eligible…we must be better in that phase of the game. That needs corrected again this year as our special teams did not perform well last year.

Yes we won, we also could have lost very easily.

I am hoping we can win at Ole MIss and will be watching, but realistically is it possible? OK, maybe it is possible but not probable.