Hope Arkansas is not one of these teams

Why even post this, PJ?
Can’t you tell how close this team is?
These are other peoples’ problems.

Just like all the fear that Muss might leave every time a job comes open…stop it. He ain’t leaving.

No sense creating doom and gloom where there is none. SMH.

Now, Texas and TTech might be another story…

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Not Arkansas.


Team chemistry is great… Hog fan chemistry is getting there.

Did what we saw Saturday in Tulsa look like a team that was splintering?

I do recommend you watch the Hogs+ episode on the OU game. It’s clear from that that the players are coming together to pick up the slack after TB’s torn ACL.


NIL payments not being made caught my attention. Team unity we have seen does indicate everyone is getting paid on time.

Well by this token are all NIL contracts basically the same other than sponsors & amounts.
Payment schedule - weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly?
Total amount & payments agreed beforehand or on a commission / percentage scale over the course of the year?
Are players getting paid during holiday breaks & summer breaks?

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