Which is exactly why the tournament should be scratched. But money won’t let it be.

I think if you can win the SEC tournament in 4 games by just using your pitching staff like you normally do then it is worth your while to win a championship. On the other hand, if you have to play 5 or 6 games to win it then it could be detrimental to your chances of winning a regional the next weekend.

Of course it goes both ways. Didn’t LSU win the SEC tournament last year and then advanced to the championship series in Omaha?

LSU had a deeper pitching staff last year. They also had experience on the staff! I think it’s poetic justice for them to get put out! I also think it’s nice to see Ole Miss go down with the dead arm syndrome.
I think it’s pretty stupid for grown men whom call themselves coaches to take the chance of hurting a young man’s arm just to win! You have to establish what’s more important as a coach the SEC tournament or the trip to Omaha.
The SEC need to take a look at the SEC tournament and either stop playing it or make it a single elimaintion. The current format with the sole purpose of making money reallly shows the commissioners office is about as concerned for player safety in baseball as they are in football! If you have any doubts about this statement being valid go watch a replay of the LSU at Auburn football game just prior to the Les Miles firing! This SEC mission statement should be known. “Make money at all cost”. Player safety, integrity, and a level fair playing field in any sport is tilted toward the team that will bring in the most $$$$ !

if you have to have it, make it single elimination throughout

LSU went 4-0 in Hoover last year and had a day off halfway between its games. It also run-ruled two of its opponents.

That is a lot different path than LSU and Ole Miss took this year. LSU played six games in six days and Ole Miss played five in five. Both played in an extra-inning game and had to sit through long delays that burned some pitching.

The SEC Tournament is a catch 22. You want to win every game you play, but you also know that the games you are playing are pretty meaningless in comparison to the games you’ll play a week later. And if you fall into the loser’s bracket you put a strain on your pitching staff if you keep winning. With a few exceptions, it benefits no one to play in that format.

Exactly!! Wish more of our fans understood this.

The main thing is DVH understands.

I hated when we lost to LSU because that’s one team I always want to beat. But had we fallen into the losers’ bracket (say, after losing the first game), then I would have advocated seeing Ramage, Bolden, etc. starting the next game and saving all arms for the regional. Competitors want to win, but there comes a time when it’s better to “live to fight another day.” The SEC tournament is one of those times.

I would rather make it to Omaha than win the Hoover Invitational.

I know money drives the SEC tournament idea, but I’m not convinced it’s that much money. By SEC standards, it has to be drop in the bucket. If they have to have one, make it single elimination, maybe give the first 4-8 teams a bye. Do something that requires no more than 4 games for anyone to win it all & maybe only 3 for the top seeds.

It’s not like the SEC has been failing massively because of the tournament. We’ve won 11 of the last 28 CWS, with five different schools.

Total attendance at Hoover for the tournament tends to run well into six figures, so that’s not an insignificant amount of money.

I don’t think anyone suggests the tournament is killing the SEC’s chances, but we are saying the number of games hurts the teams who play a lot of them. The SEC team that won the CWS was eliminated rather early in the SECT. We got to the finals last year & didn’t make it out of the regional we hosted. Ole Miss & LSU made the final game this year & neither made it out of their regional. The SEC teams still standing didn’t play as many SECT games. Obviously early elimination from the SECT doesn’t insure success & making the final SECT game doesn’t mean certain failure. Still, the toll is a tough one to pay.

Six figure attendance is not meaningless, but by SEC standards it still doesn’t generate huge amounts of money. How many millions of dollars will each school get from the SEC this year? How much will the SEC office keep?
Compare those figures to how much the SEC baseball tournament generates & the money that sounds significant will probably shrink considerably. For that matter, how much money would one extra regular-season series generate? Attendance at those would run well into 6 figures, too. So would a shortened tournament.

The current SECT format is difficult. Before the last conference expansion, it only involved 8 teams & required fewer games. Under the 12 team format only 4 teams have a chance to play as few as 4 games to win. The rest will play 5 or 6 to win.

The tournament is unnecessary for an elite conference, and the net revenue for the individual schools is hardly worth the trouble. It has a lot more potential to hurt an SEC team’s chances in the post-season than help.

The real reason the tournament will likely hang around is, just like the softball tournament, it provides lots of live programming for the SEC network at a time of year when basketball and spring football have finished, and it’s too early to start running a lot of reviews/previews for football.

I think you nailed it, buzz. It’s not the money or attendance, it’s SEC TV programming. Even so, I’d prefer a more limited tournament. Or even expand it so every team gets in. The make the worst 2-4 play early elimination games. The worst 2-4 teams have less to lose & might benefit from the chance to get to the finals or semi-finals. More early byes for the upper level teams. Maybe 2 byes for the top 4 teams. I can imagine lots of formats that can provide a tournament without over-taxing pitchers & catchers.

Live TV inventory, especially live sports, is worth good money to advertisers. The SEC owns its network. The tournament provides a healthy payday.