Hoover Met

Every year, I’m amazed at just how cavernous the ballpark is at Hoover with big foul grounds, power alleys and of course the distance down the lines.

I think it’s a ballpark that plays into a lot of Arkansas’ strengths. I know a lot has been made about the home runs the past couple of weeks, but the Razorbacks’ strength this year has been their ability to hit line drives that have resulted in doubles and some triples. There are a lot of opportunities for that in Hoover. A ball pulled down the line just rolls for what seems like forever. Doubles can turn into triples in a hurry. Triples can turn into inside-the-park home runs if the right player hits it to the right part of the park.

It’s also a lot of fun to watch great outfielders there because of the ground they tend to have to cover, but any mistakes can be magnified because of all the space around them. Some of the most memorable catches I can remember by Dominic Fletcher have come in Hoover, most notably the one against Florida last year.

I’m not a big fan of the tournament because it’s not really beneficial but for one or two teams, but I do like watching college teams play there.

I just want to see us get Quality AB’s swing at strikes and put the ball in play whoever wins the game today will throw a very good LH at us so I’m not comfortable at all with this game especially the way Wicklander threw last week…