Hoover is bigger than Ameritrade

Everybody keeps questioning what are home runs travel 2 Ameritrade we’ve hit home runs out of Hoover plenty of times so we can definitely hit it out of there

I heard them talking about TD Ameritrade being so big and wondered how it compared to Hoover. Hadn’t gotten around to checking until now, but you’re right - they’re very similarly sized, but Hoover IS actually bigger everywhere except straight-away center field, where there is only 3 feet of difference.

Hoover Metropolitan:

Left Field: 340 (feet)
Left-Center: 385
Center Field: 405
Right-Center: 385
Right Field: 340

TD Ameritrade:

Left Field: 335 (feet)
Left-Center: 375
Center Field: 408
Right Center: 375
Right Field: 335

For comparison’s sake, here is Baum:

Left Field: 320 (feet)
Left-Center: 375
Center Field: 400
Right-Center: 365
Right Field: 320

What I don’t know is what the usual wind patterns are at TD Ameritrade and Hoover. That can make a difference.

But the size of the park shouldn’t concern us.

the only we probably won’t see is the OPPO HR unless its really hit well.but if we hit it good it will go out Gates ball would have been gone last night for sure that ball was crushed.I don’r know how well the ball carries is there but with the heat like it is it should go very well.

The ball has really traveled out of TDAP since the seams were lowered on the baseballs.

I think I heard that if it’s hot and the wind is blowing, then the prevailing wind is in to the hitters. That may be why it’s hard to hit HR’s there…

Bigger park makes our gap hitting better… Hogs keep rolling.

Fletcher is gonna be big on defense in that park

Sunday forecast for Omaha is for wind blowing from right field foul pole to left, pretty strongly. Tuesday it might be blowing out to right.

Very true in saying that the bigger ballpark will allow for more balls hitting the gaps and also down a line they just can’t cover that much field

Heston can opposite field anywhere he steps on a field. Just hit the ball hard and let if fly. I think the hogs are as capable of hitting in that park as any other team.
Play ball! WPS!!

That’s what I’m saying . . . use the bigger park to our advantage, instead of looking at it as a disadvantage to be overcome. Just barrel up the ball without trying for home runs. If you barrel a lot of balls up and spray the field with line drives, a fair share of them will find a hole.

And you know what? The home runs will still come.

I’ve seen line drives leave the yard as many times as high fly balls. The line drives that is barreled up with carry a long way! I’ll take doubles and triples too!
This is the best offensive higs roster as I have ever seen.
We have watched a hogs team this year that from top to bottom of the batting order where anyone of these guys pack the power to not only drive in runs but can go yard! The guys with a BA below 300 are as dangerous as ever. Gates and Koch.
Gates has been solid and has hit the ball hard. Playing solid defense and making big plays. Koch can explode anytime with the lumber he has carried a load behind the plate and that’s taken a toll on him at the plate in my opinion!
Swinging at strikes will be the key for our offense. Fletcher is in need of getting a hit!
He got robbed Monday night and at times has taken some cuts at the ball way up out of the zone.
Patience to get a pitch they can handle!!