Hoorah, We're Now 7-0

How come I feel so concerned about the rest of the season?

iJoe - Regressing offensively
Sills - Can’t hit a 3
Cylla - Where did his 13 points and 5 rbs go
Mason - Now a pine-r

No-one has suddenly forgotten how to shoot…lol

Teams are cheating their player’s towards the perimeter (3pt line extended) because their is no Daniel Gafford or Conner Vanover roaming the interior.

The scouting reports have all these teams shading Joe and crowding him when he gets the ball. He’s not regressing, he just is having to deal with being the focus of the opposition’s defense.

Right now that means there’s space for Sills, Whitt and Jones to work. The defenses are eventually going to have to play it more honestly with those guys, and then Joe’s scoring will pick up. The basic problem remains of where the offense will come from when the other guys have good enough bigs to really limit the stuff from twelve feet in. We will find out a bit more about how that will work against WKU, at the least it will give Muss some more insight into what will need to be done by the time we get to conference play.