Hoops staff and grad transfers

Why does it seem like this staff frowns on the thought of bringing in these types of players? Seems like there are several of them out there that averaged double figures (as usual) at their previous schools that could help us, a team low of experience for next season. But we see this every spring with this staff instead taking on projects with no high D1 offers or transfers that have to sit a year.

If you look at the league last year, they had 7-8 grad transfer who came in an made an impact. Arkansas likely wins a few more games and gets a better seed if they’d have made a play after a guy like Frank Booker, Travis Daniels, Duane Wilson (before he was injured), Kassius Robertson.

The advantage of hindsight is like finding unclaimed gold.
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You aren’t curious to know why this staff is never interested in these guys?

So you think it’s up in the air that a project freshman with no high D1 offers has the same chance to help a team out the next year as a grad transfer senior who avg. 13-17 a game at their previous school?

Throw Florida in as a team that has gotten a major boost going the grad transfer route the last few seasons.

They did bring in a big guy a couple of years ago, can’t remember his name though, helped out underneath some.

You basically just described why in your posts. There’s only a small handful of grad transfers that make an impact and it’s only for a year. Of those small handful you have a ton of schools competing for those guys, and those guys are all trying to go to schools that are either championship contenders or schools where they are guaranteed a lot of playing time, so it’s not as easy as some say as just going out and getting an impact grad transfer, there MAY be 5-10 of them out there. If they wanted a grad transfer to say they got one, there are plenty of Willy Kouassi’s out there i’m sure they can land, but why do that when you can get a better underclassman?

Huh? There were 7-8 last year who made an impact in the SEC alone. In one year. I haven’t don’t the research in the other major conferences but I’m sure you will likely see the same thing.

These guys went to schools like Ole Miss (Markel Crawford), South Carolina (Frank Booker) Tennessee, A&M and so forth. We shouldn’t have any chance to recruit with those sorts of schools?

“Of those small handful you have a ton of schools competing for those guys, and those guys are all trying to go to schools that are either championship contenders or schools where they are guaranteed a lot of playing time”

LOL. Ya South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee (preseason), were all real title contenders this season. Plenty of playing time? We lost everyone and had 2-3 spots open…isn’t that a perfect fit for what you are describing?

It really shows that some of you don’t keep up with college hoops outside of Arkansas. Or that you just so biased towards Anderson that you don’t think he can be questioned.

Lynnsanity, you don’t like CMA and we all know it by now. I can assure you if Mike was looking at a grad transfer you would pick it apart! You’re not the expert you think you are!

See, I tried to be nice because nobody else even wanted to entertain you, and try to have a coversation. I see that was my mistake, you can’t be nice to people like you. For you to try to challenge my basketball knowledge is comical, I’ll put my post history and basketball knowledge against you any day of the week. The 20 posts you have so far have been a joke. You’ve shown most of us you don’t know anything about Razorback basketball, let alone what other teams are doing, so the fact that you don’t understand how recruiting works and why a coach may not be so gung-ho on adding graduate transfers is not surprising.

Anyways I’m not trying to derail your popular thread you have going here, I won’t respond to you again. Good luck, I can tell people are lining up to talk basketball with you, because you’re so knowledgeable. :roll:

I think he is mediocre to average. The MA lovers can’t stand anyone who doesn’t think he is great. I asked. No one has a legit answer. It’s a big question mark as to why they don’t go harder after these guys.

That long of a reply and all I got was “your post are a joke”. Lol. I got you bud, you had no response for any of my comments. You will now be known as the guy who thinks Ole Miss, Tennessee, South Carolina are elite basketball schools who are title contenders. What a knowledgeable guy!

He was a bottom of the barrel guy they found after they had twiddled their thumbs for too long.

You know I always like to pin you down to facts instead of generalized statenets. What are the examples of them opting for a projet over a grad transfer?

As far as twiddling their thumbs too long, you do know that you cannot offer a scholarship that you don’t have, right?

Examples? Check out every spring this staff has been here. It hasn’t been pretty. When I say projects I’m talking guys who aren’t even top 200-250 guys and don’t have high major offers. They seem to NEVER go after grad transfers whether they have zero scholarships or three available which I don’t understand and that’s why this thread was started to begin with.

The twiddle their thumbs comment was about the spring recruiting period that brought in stars like Kouassi, Thomas and Doobie. As a fan it was one of the most embarrassing efforts in recruiting that I can ever remember. I think several people still have nightmares over that spring! Lol.

Graduate transfers are signed in May/June after the Spring signing period, Regardless Thomas is not a project.

They signed Kouassi and Jenkins when they had to scramble in late April after the unexpected Qualls and Williams departure. You may recall they went after several players and some thought they were going to land KeVaughn Allen and the big kid that picked Miami over Arkansas. They just could not attract anyone to come here with the counterfeit money case in the backdrop. It is not like they picked those two over some attractive graduate transfers. Those two were desperate signings just to have enough bodies to practice.

Are there any other examples of signings in May/June?

BTW, you may have a point that Mike does not like a one year player, but we don’t know that for a fact.

What is the difference between mediocre and average?

Doc., I think it would take a book.

Got the dates off a bit. By mid April of that year they had three open spots with Portis, Qualls and Babb leaving. This is when the sat around twiddling thumbs which produced Dustin Thomas and Kouassi. Had a plan A in the Miami guy but nothing else. The Allen stuff is up in the air for what happened there.

Then in July the counterfiet story and Kapita not coming here (something everyone but our staff could see apparently) happened around the same day. This got us Doobie who was a practice body so no real fault to them for this happening so late in the year.

But the actual spring was indefensible.

Grad transfers are actually commiting now and into May. The majority of them have already announced they are leaving.

I will say we are seeing alot better effort from the staff now and I do like the Jones signing.

The staff made it clear that they dropped the ball - somewhat - on Ted Kapita, but that was more about his handler$ than anything else.

That’s why Kapita ended up having questions about his amateur status questioned.

That and his academic standing - classes he had from the Democratic of Congo - were ruled by the NCAA to be not up to standards. That happened after three months after he signed with Arkansas.

So he went to a prep school for a year, signed with North Carolina State, was ruled ineligible for a few games because of his dealings with pro leagues in France and the United State - one under the guidance of former Arkansas, Oklahoma State and prison league player Glendon Alexander.

He missed four games total for NC State his freshmen season at NC State because of that and a visa problem. That had to do with him going to the U.S. Virgin Islands and worries that he would not be allowed to get back into the United States.

He did play some his freshman season - including 14 points and 10 rebounds against Duke - but failed to score a stretch of seven ACC games in Jan.

He ended up averaging 4 points and 3 rebounds and left after that season to turn pro.

He actually made a G league roster, but was waived soon afterwards and has not been heard from since.

The Jimmy Whitt saga has been told over and over. Dude felt like he should be playing more left.

Doobie was a late pick up - more for practice than anything else.

That was a bad year and Coach Anderson talked about that a lot and it was put on here.

As far as grad transfers, I believe in the last five years that Arkansas has been involved with eight overall, but only decided to offer about four of those and landed one of those in Willy Kouassi, who played good minutes in allowing Moses some rest.

Although I thought Moses tired late in the season anyway.

Nobody in their right mind would want one year of a kid instead of four, but there are certainly times for market correction when grabbing someone with one year - or two or three - is favorable.

One other thing I would add, you seem to talk a lot about the people who do support Coach Anderson and paint them as not very objective.

Some one who has trouble finding hardly anything good about a team, a player, a coach is also not being very objective.

Thanks for being objective on some of this stuff, as anyone thinking the way they recruited those years was anywhere close to good or excusable.

However Kouassi only played 8 mpg here. I’d say far from good minutes.

I understand you would rather have 3-4 year guys over grad transfers, but it’s also who is available as well. If the whole 2018 class was still available then of course you wouldn’t go after these guys but from what is around in the spring and you need a boost these guys can come in and make an impact as well as opening up a spot for the next year (and yes we do need spots for 2019).

Lastly my last post had a positive comment on the staff and signing of Jones so there is that, lol.

Dudley that was a good piece of work. Good research and explanations.