Hoops scholarship/roster update as of 5-15-19

Feel free to correct me if I’ve missed anything.

Garland, pending medical clearance
Vanover (sitting out 2019-20 unless he gets a waiver)


That’s 13 on scholarship. So if Walker, Grayer or anyone else comes for this class, somebody has to go. Or blueshirt? Blueshirt candidate would seem to be Vanover if so.

One thing about this list stands out. Except for Osabuohien and Henderson, it doesn’t take much room on the back of the jersey.

I wonder what the addition of Cylla and Moss means to Jones and other guards except Joe.

I think we’re fixating too much on position here. Muss is copying the Warriors who are largely positionless. Including PG. Read the story I linked yesterday on the hoops board about Don Nelson’s influence on the modern NBA, which has filtered down to us. The Rockets played a good chunk of their series with the Warriors with 6-6 PJ Tucker as their “big”. Muss might well have four people on the floor that we would consider guards. Or maybe five.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.si.com/nba/2019/05/15/nba-p … ks-raptors”>https://www.si.com/nba/2019/05/15/nba-playoffs-don-nelson-warriors-blazers-bucks-raptors</LINK_TEXT>

Today on the Buzz interview, Muss mentioned 3 players by name, re: next season’s team play: Joe and Jones as good shooters and how quick Harris was with the ball.

Sounds like they’re getting along, but who knows. I guess we’ll see this fall


This is kinda why I’d still like to add Grayer as well.

We will see. A player doesn’t always think as logically as you laid out. Otherwise there would not be 500 plus transfers each year in Division One.

As a player I wouldn’t worry about a freshman coming aboard in my position on the wing, I would definitely take notice of a senior stepping in.

One thing that may be a factor, though, is that Muss had an eight-man rotation at Nevada. Maybe he’ll go deeper here because he has more options, I don’t know. Everybody will be on the wings, it sounds like, but if he only goes 8 deep, that’s five who aren’t playing.

I believe most of Cylla’s minutes will come from Bailey and Gabe.

That would be my suspicion as well.

I think you are right on that.

I agree on this statement as well!

IMO more Bailey then Gabe. Gabe takes charges, guards the post, rebounds and is just a tougher cat then Bailey.


True, but neither are outside shooting threats. Shooting adequately from 3-land may become mandatory to get in that rotation.

He said today he plans to play Cylla at the 4 and plan to have Jones, Moss and Joe (at point guard) in the line up at the same time on occasions

2 Joe’s? Did you mean someone else, or am I just reading it wrong?

Pretty sure he meant Joe, Moss and Jones.

Yes, Moss, Jones and Joe

I am hoping we have that lineup more than not. I was hoping Mike would use Macon, Barford and Hannahs that way, but he didn’t do it as often as I would have liked. That Beard guy kept getting in the way.