Hoops Recruiting ?

I don’t know his name, but there is foreign born player for Batesville Southside that looks like a prospect.

He’s still a junior and I’d guess close to 7 ft. Moves well and smooth around the basket.

I’m told this was his first year to play in the USA.

Anybody know more about him? Last night was the first I’ve seen or heard of him.

I was told about the kid but the name escapes me. Will check.

He’s going to play for the Wings this spring and summer I do know that.

Richard what about the young man from Mayflower. 6-5 9th grader.

Looks like he’s going to play for the Wings.

That’s good! It’s a better evaluation for a kid to play against better talent.

6-9 Tomislav Miholjcic is a 2019 prospect that came to Arkansas’ camp two summers ago.

His team went 25-5 this season

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … rtunities/

That article was written a year and a half ago. I think he’s taller now. Good player.

They play in Lonoke this week if anyone wants to watch him.