Hoops recruiting update

Haanif Cheatham’s coach expects him to visit Arkansas in the next week or so.

Looks like a tall shooting guard 4*. <LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.espn.com/college-sports/bask … f-cheatham”>http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/171182/haanif-cheatham</LINK_TEXT>

Would be a great add. Could really see us using a two guard, two wing, one big lineup a lot next year, taking advantage of our strengths.

This guy would be huge. Was Top 100 out of HS, was All-Freshman at Marquette, named the teams best defensive player his first 2 years, mid 30s from 3. Would be able to give us some size in the backcourt and has PG skills.

By the time he visits I would think our coaching staff would be solidified.

https://www.naplesnews.com/story/sports … 051309002/


http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … id/3906521

1.9 APG, 2.4 TOPG. 65% FT shooter. I don’t understand why you guys want a PG that’s an average shooter and can’t facilitate or hang on to the ball. Makes no sense.

A career 77% FT shooter and more of a slasher then a PG. Go watch some highlights and then get back at me. Would start or be the 6th man from day one.

You may want to check your math, he’s not a career 77%. So, if he’s not a PG, then who’s spot he take? Mason, Desi, Joe? Don’t need another 6’5 guard who’s worse than Mason or Joe. Wouldn’t benefit us in any way. So, Hooper at me when you get your facts right

Is mid-30s from 3 good enough for us? We were all over Anthony Bell for shooting 37%. We were not happy with him until he got into the 40s.

If I quote a stat it isn’t pulled from my ass.

https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/pl … ham-1.html

I guess we are ignoring the best defensive nod at Marquette his first 2 years? Did you watch his highlights? He could play the 3, or slide down and play the PG. He has excellent handles and is a career 37% 3pt so you have to defend him from deep.

He played in a few games the 17-18 season, I’m guessing maybe he got injured. Or something happened that kept him out of basketball for a year. He looked a lot better at Marquette than FGCU, per stats, so I’m guessing he wasn’t 100% until late in the year. But his stats also fluctuate and next year should be better than last year.

In my opinion thought, I don’t think we need another guard. Both Jones and Joe are 6’5 (which is what this guy is) so he’s not really a wing either. I think we need a versatile Big, a 6’7+ wing, and a PG that can shoot when left open.

But I’m not the HC, Musselman is and he knows what he needs

Nice player. Would be a great replacement for KES.

Hmmmm. Look at the site I posted and add the numbers. Per ESPN, he is not a career 77%. And he was a 65% last year. Don’t know why the numbers are different.

As for the rest, again who’s place does he take? He has a negative assist to turnover ratio. So, bench Jalen and turn the ball over more allowing other teams more shots, or bench Desi who is better, or bench Joe who is better, or tell Mason he’s not the 7th man in the rotation. Again, we don’t need another 6’5 guy with bad handles

Edit: is 77%, I miss added, but he started of 82% and went down to 65%, so he’s going the wrong way. As did his FG% and his assists. He’s getting worse

Yep, there it is, was waiting.

His career assist to turnover ratio is comparable to Joe, Jones and Sills. I know it’s highlights, but watch this and tell me if you think he has “bad handles”.


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Nice player. Would be a great replacement for KES.


I don’t think replacing KES should be the objective. I thought most had concluded that we need a scorer from the wing that can create a shot when we need a basket. We didn’t have anyone like that last year and that is why ball ended up with Harris as the shot clock ran down. Can he be that scorer?

As you said, highlight tape. I can make myself look like an AA. I’m 5’9 265. Look at the stats. He’s got worse every year, I’m assuming he was injured his last year at Marquette, most of his stats went down, now he could end up being very good and if Musselman gets him, I’ll cheer for him, but right now he would fill a position we don’t need. That’s why I compared him to Sills, Joe, and Jones. As you said comparable, not an upgrade.

And when a guy averages more turnovers than assists, yes “bad handles”

I guess you didn’t read my first link that pointed out his bad shoulders. Forced him to shut it down after 10 games.

I said their assist to turnover ratio comparable, not their overall game.

If you can’t see how this would be a very positive addition then there is no point trying to explain.

Why don’t we let the coach choose who he wants to recruit. It’s his neck on the line. I think if the reincarnation of Michael Jordan were looking to possibly transfer to us some would criticize both the player and the coach. Kid has decent size, shoots better than all but three on our team. If coach wants him and can get him I’m all for it.

You are suggesting everyone stop second guessing because we have a new coach. It is going to be hard to break the habit after eight years of that. :grinning:

Eight years? Our fans gave been second guessing since UMass blew us out in the 94-95 opener. Ain’t gonna stop now.