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First, I have to be honest and recognize that this team has performed admirably and while we have lost a couple we could have won, we also won a couple we could have lost. Other than the stretch where a Joe was out, we pretty much exceeded my expectations, with our size and depth issues.

I think the Georgia loss presented a a pretty good lesson on where we need help. While it was not the first example and not the biggest rebounding deficit, it seemed even we we played sound enough defense to create a missed shot, Georgia scored on the put back or jam. At the other end we missed numerous points at the rim. As much as Adrio works and hustles, he is not money as a finisher.

A force inside would be the ingredient I would love to see added to the team. While we will be adding size I am not sure if we check off this box, as I hear stretch 4 is how Williams is perceived and Vanover is not a banger. Going back a ways, the type player that comes to mind is Hood.

Anyway it seems the program is heading upward with reason for optimism.

Totally agree about the inside presence, I’ve been saying that for a long time now and doesn’t look like we have it coming in. I think for us to get to where we want to get to and play for national championships we are going to have to have that person. Because if you don’t you’re not making them guard you inside out but no one is calling me, so we will see

I saw Williams play last week and was a little bit more encouraged. Had seen him play Catholic High a couple of weeks ago and he appeared just like he did a year ago. Just no interest in playing inside or desire for physical contact. But last week, he showed more signs of that. Maybe he is headed in the right direction. He may do it next year for us, but I think he will need some development time.

Our hope for physical play next year depends on a more dependable Chaney (if he is here), or Iyiola having those skills or the big that Dudley say they hope to sign.

I don’t know what it is, but something has to have happened between Chaney and Muss. It’s driving me crazy. In the last 10 games, what has happened with Chaney
makes no sense to me. Here’s his stats for the last 10 games:

6 games from 1/29 through 2/15:

Ave min per game: 24.5
Ave PPG: 7.7
Ave RPG: 7.2

Last 4 games:

Ave min per game: 5
Ave PPG: 0
Ave RPG: .25 (1 board in 4 games)

He played very well for 6 games. Looked like the light had come on and was good in every phase of the game. Then, the very next game, he barely saw the floor. The same for the last 3 games. He hasn’t seen the floor enough to know if he’s totally lost his game or what has happened.

Is he injured? Did he start a fight in practice? Did he tell Muss to go to …? Did he just stop trying in practice?

The timing of what happened after his best 6 games of the year is just perplexing!

Rebounding was the least of our problems yesterday. We have shut teams down despite being outrebounded. We surrendered 64% on deuces, 44% on treys, and didn’t force many TOs. We got torched in every way a defense can get torched. Other than giving up a modest 20 FTAs in an SEC road game, the defense was a complete wipeout yesterday. The offensive efficiency would have won every other game this season, most in a blowout, except at UT.

When you are geared to stop the three and give up over 40 percent, you are going to lose. That’s the recipe for winning for this team – allow 20-25 percent on threes. Did not happen against Georgia. With all the other weaknesses of this team, when they give up over 40 percent on threes, they can give up close to 100 and they did yesterday.

Yeah, a necessity on D is to do well what you are trying to do well. If that breaks down, you are sunk. UGA has been one of the worst, if not the worst defensive team, in the SEC but has good talent on offense that was hitting on all cylinders. That explained a lot of what happened yesterday.

There were stretches in the first half where Georgia just looked like it couldn’t miss from behind the 3-point line–even with one of our guys in their faces. That was a tough lead for our guys to overcome, and technically we did. I’m pretty proud of us for that.

Williams can certainly play the 5, but its been my opinion that it would be best for Arkansas if they could take advantage of his skills by being a 4 and someone else be the five.

Georgia’s Rayshawn Hammonds is 6-9, 235 and versatile like Williams.

I am clearly higher on JW than PJ.

I don’t get the Reggie deal. I know CEM says it is about spacing, but he had some really good moments this season and now is an afterthought.

I am sure you are right about JW. I have seen him four times and may have just caught him at the wrong time except this last game. He did look a lot more of an inside big man then.

I actually brought up the comparison of Hammonds to JWill to a buddy last night DD. Great minds think alike! :facepunch:t2::grinning:

There you go.

Although it sounds like Hammonds motor runs slow at times.

i Would take Williams over Hammond’s any day!

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