Hoops 2019 Recruiting question

Have you watched Hill play before? He’s not that good of a shooter either, most of his buckets come from layups and dunks, he’s not a big scorer, he’s a pass first PG too like Harris. And at this point Harris is miles better than Hill. I personally think Hill will be the 11th or 12th man on the roster next year, I don’t think he will play that much. I may be in the minority on this but watching Hill the past couple of years, I’ve always thought he was a guy that really wouldn’t contribute much until around sophomore/junior year, but most people since he’s been committed so long automatically assume he’s coming in and start from day 1.

I agree

I watched Justice play some, maybe I’m partial to the kid bc of his dad. I just know Harris probably shoots the worst 3 pt percentage of any starting PG in Div 1. Maybe yo stat guys can look it up. If justice truly isn’t answer then I would wonder why Mike brought him. We have PG who aren’t shooters, and 2 combo guards who don’t have size and don’t shoot well. Disappointing.

Dudley posted in another thread what these kids did in HS. They all appeared to be “shooters”. They’re still young and can improve.

Justice hasn’t played b-ball in awhile. He played FB then graduated early and came to the hill, where he will be a redshirt. CMA even said he is in football shape (different than basketball). So, as of now he’s behind, but he has all spring and summer to get in a groove, but Harris has three years of Div 1 experience. Justice will have to catch up. That experience is hard to compete against, unless you’re a bonified 5* one and done.

The 2 CG’s have each showed they can shoot at times. They are young and will get better, and more consistent.

As for next year, Hamlet may actually be the key to making us better, because then you have 3 PG’s and one is a legitimate shooter that can be in at the end of the game, but he will also have to take that position from Harris, it always seems to take awhile for JUCO’s to adjust, so as of now, Harris will be the starting point guard next season. Can he lose it? Yes, but Mike just ain’t gonna hand over the starting position.

Why is Franklin waiting to commit? Is it a matter of academics?

Harris will be the starting point guard next season. Can he lose it? Yes, but Mike just ain’t gonna hand over the starting position.

If Harris doesn’t pick it up, he may lose his starting job next year before this year ends. If Desi could just stop being a turnover machine, he could supplant him this year. Harris has been awful in 5 of our last 6 games. His only good performance was against MO, where he was still 0-2 on 3s. His stats in our 4 SEC losses:

FGs - 7-23 - .304%
3s - 2-11 - .182%
FTs - 2-8 - .250% Yes, That’s 25% FTs by our PG
Assts 21 - TOs 16

TT game stats - 4-12 FGs and 1-3 3s (incl the 30 ft prayer at half time buzzer). 2 assts and 3 TOs.

If the Harris who played earlier in the year doesn’t emerge soon, I fully expect Justice or Desi to be our starting PG next year. Justice cannot possibly be a worse shooter than Harris is right now. Desi is already a MUCH better shooter than Harris. When Harris is not playing with a great assist to turnover ratio, he is big detriment to this team because of his horrid shooting skills.

Does anyone have any confidence in this thing going forward when going through this thread? Seems like same ole same ole to me.

But it’s not. The issues we’re having this year aren’t normal.

Harris is in no way shape or form in danger of losing his starting spot to either of those guys. He played a team high 34 minutes yesterday. Desi has been absolutely horrible the last couple of games, having problems just holding on to the ball, especially when you put a little pressure on him, he’s not a PG, he’s got a long ways to go as far as ball handling, he only played 8 minutes yesterday. And last time CMA was asked how Justice was doing he laughed and said we gotta get the football out of him.

If we land Hamlett, that’s who would be competing against Harris next year. He’s a top 20 JUCO guy, and his numbers are amazing. I watched his tapes, he’s a guy that would help us right now if he was on campus.

I’ll be honest, what we’re looking at in 2019 doesn’t blow me away at all. But, I will say guys like Hamlett, Gueye, and DeGray could start for us next year. I like Hawkins, but I think he’ll be a year or 2 away his body is going to have to change to play at the college level, which I think it will. Franklin is coming off a major injury, don’t see him helping right away either, and I already expressed my opinion on Hill.

For next year, I’m more banking on us having a big 3 of Chaney, Jones, and Joe, and they just have some more help from the bench than we do this year. I think Isiah Joe will be close to a 20 PPG player next year, and Chaney will be a double/double machine, and Jones I just think will continue to give us steady numbers all the way through 15 PPG, 6 RPG, 3 APG. If you have a guy like Hamlett that can stretch the floor and a versatile 4 that can shoot like Gueye and Degray we’ll be a much better team.

A few things, and remember I’m not bashing theses kids I see potential.

I think Joe really needs to work on his “scoring” (not shooting) and his handling. Scottie is supposed to be working with him on that. In my opinion right now he’s a liability for us. He’s a shooter, if someone hounds him all night, then he has a performance like yesterday. Being able to create a little space for himself, he may morph into a “splash brother.”

As I said earlier in the thread, I think Jones and Degray are similar players, all around. I think if we get DeGray, everyone will see that. Two Jones are better than one, but I’m not sure one (DeGray) will come in and take a starting spot from the other (Jones), and I really don’t think he’s big enough (6’5/6’6) to take a spot from Chaney.

When it comes to our guards, I think Hill will actually help Sills and Simpson (and Joe). But, I agree with you, I don’t see any guard on the team (at the moment) that will take Harris’ spot. Hamlet, as I said is intriguing, but again I don’t think he will come in and take the spot until maybe conference play, and that’s only if Harris doesn’t improve. I think like you, Hamlet will push Harris.

As for the two bigs you mentioned, I agree about Hawkins. I don’t think he will show up and be a “This is the guy we’ve been needing.” I do think he will give us quality minutes. As for Gueye, I think he is a little more ready, but I think he will be the only “new” guy that’ll start because of his size. He’ll be the 5 and Chaney will be the 4.

Now, having said all that, I think our additions next year will be:

And another big.

So, I think the Hamlet and Degray debate will be dead before it can happen.

I highly doubt they bring in 2 bigs, if that was the case they would have offered these other bigs they have been recruiting for a while now. If you look at our previous rosters, the staff doesn’t like to have a whole lot of bigs, they never have more than 2 or 3. CMA prefers to stack combo forwards. I think they are all in with Hawkins right now as the big, if they don’t land him I think you’ll see one of those other bigs that’s next on the list get an offer. But, I don’t think we’ll see 2 of them.

I don’t know anything about these players other than what I see here. Sound interesting.

I hope everyone we bring on now has the it factor.

It’s time to recruit some men with a nasty streak ala big nasty and company.

Some kids that play with a chip on their shoulder and are coming in to really advance this program.

I have to believe if Mike were ever motivated, he would be with bringing a real difference making class of much more than potential.

Just like in football, would be really good for the fan base to hear we are bringing in some of the best b-ball talent around this off- season.

Gives hope that we are really serious about turning this around immediately.

For these reasons I like the idea of bringing in another Juco Guard

I just hope whom ever they sign makes it to where next year team don’t depend on extended minutes for the collection of Gabe and Adrio at the 4 and handling the ball.

That’s why I said a second big. This year our “bigs”, Dan, Chaney, Adrio, Gabe, Henderson, and Ibby. We know Dan is gone, me and Blu both agree that Ibby is gone, I think Henderson is gone (JMO). That means next year, if we get the guys, Dudley and Richard seem to think, our bigs would be, Chaney, Hawkins (I agree with Blu needs to develop a little more), Adrio, Gabe, and Franklin. Mike needs another Big in this class, I think he needs the guard (Hamlet) as well. Maybe forget Franklin, but I’m pretty sure Franklin will be a Razorback next year. Again, this is only my opinion

I have a question for everyone who’s commented on this post. Out of all these players mentioned do you see any real difference makers? I don’t think any of them are being highly recruited. They aren’t players like a Gafford or a Portis.

At least we speak the same language so to to speak when it comes to the The 4-5 position.

Are any of them like Gafford or Portis? Not in my opinion. No bonafide superstud.

BUT in my opinion you’ll have more guys like we have this year. Many of you think these kids are bad, they’re not. They will improve. By the time Mason Jones is a SR, Joe is a JR, and these kids we are talking about are SO, JR, or SR, it’ll be more like TN, where you have several guys who will work themselves into draft talk (like Williams and Schofield) and a collection of good talent to go with them.

How many minutes are we going to need out of them/ They’re all pretty much 3 star recruits. Not sure on Javion’s ranking, He’s a JUCO kid and top twenty.

The thing i like most about bringing in two bigs is that they can compete and fans won’t feel like we have to forcefeed them the ball all the time. I like the idea, right now, of setting Screens for Joe and Jones as much as i do for Dan. I hate getting twenty seconds into the shot clock trying to find a way to get Dan the ball in double and triple teams then settling for a last second shot or a turnover because we forced the ball into the post.

We’ve got nine guys logging meaningful minutes right now. Dan goes pro, that adds another spot. Share those minutes between the two new bigs and hopefully get Ethan game ready in this offseason. Ethan won’t be going anywhere and he’s played his role anytime he’s gotten in this year.

We need men and shooters. JMO