Hoops 2019 Recruiting question

It’s been said that some think we take three more in this class, including two bigs.

What bigs are we in the best shape for ?

Thanks in advance. Love the board.

Doudou Gueye 6-9, 200, Daytona State, Fla., College

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … versatili/

Raymond Hawkins, 6-9,230 Findlay Prep

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … -mentors-/

I’ll let Dudley talk about Gueye.

Hawkins plans to visit after his season ends in late Feb. I think Arkansas is in good shape with him because of Thurman and his mother’s and uncles’ relaltionship with Darnell Robinson.

Forward Ronnie DeGray III of Woodstock Academy is one to watch. Arkansas likes him but has not offered yet.

Did he stop the holiday feast? :lol:

Should’ve added Javon Franklin for sure.

I don’t know what others think but this reminds me of 2014 and 15 that ends up with a doobie Henderson and a Kouassi etc. It seems as though MA and crew after a couple of more successful recruiting classes are falling right back into poor recruiting. Their spring recruiting record would have to improve to become average, forget about good and it seems like they are throwing offers against the wall like spaghetti hoping something will stick. Imo we are the youngest team in the country in year 8 because of 14-15 failure resulting in a team filled up with Juco and transfers, leading us down this road. All the transfers lost and Garland health are contributing factors but such is life. We need change imo.

We are young due to transfers! Hall would have contributed on both ends. Asked yourself why he left?
Babb is a senior now at Iowa State he would have played a big role last year and this year. Does anyone actually think CMA encouraged these 2 to hit the road?
This is the Me era in our country and kids want to play and parents are just as selfish.
That’s why we are young!

I like DeGray a lot. I hope we offer him.

Also, RD, I know you said you’d let Dudley talk more about Gueye, but are we still recruiting him? Last I heard of our staff watching him was in November.

Young Mr Babb would have graduated last year if he would have stayed, I don’t think he would have helped us much this year. :smiley:

Me too I think he would be a good alternative to Jordan Phillips

Yeah, I’m wondering about this as well

Thanks Richard.

Read that we are also looking at 2019 PG Javion Hamlett JUCO. This one is kind of strange unless they just want another shooter. I’d really love to add two bigs and a scoring wing but if Hamlett fits the bill so be it.

To finish off the 2019 class I’d take Hamlett, DeGray (or Franklin), and Hawkins.

Looking at Hamlett’s numbers the guy can flat out shoot the ball, he’s great at the free throw line as well. I actually think that’s a need for us right now, we really don’t have a true back-up PG. Sills and Embery kinda play it by committee but both are really SGs, they aren’t great distributors. And I think if we bring a JUCO guy with experience like that in, it allows Hill learn more time before we have to throw him in. Also, I think the biggest thing is, Harris needs someone to push him, he has no competition at that PG spot, he’s playing 30 minutes a night, having a guy that could possibly compete for his starting spot may get him in that gym and working on that shot more, and less minutes may make his shooting more efficient.

Lot of people aren’t high on him but i really think he’ll be a great floor general. Do you like DeGray better than Franklin? I don’t know much about DeGray but i love Javon. Shooting isn’t a strength and he’s kind of a tweener but he reminds me of College Lou Roe. Not saying he’ll be that successful but i think whomever lands him gets a three year starter.

Yea, I like DeGray much more than Franklin. IMO, Franklin has a very similar skillset to Adrio Bailey, an undersized PF, not a great ball handler or shooter, gets by strictly off of hustle and athleticism. I think we need a shooter and ball handler at that 4 position. You look at CMA’s best team he’s ever had you had DeMarre Carroll at the 4 spot on his Mizzou elite 8 team, he could do all those things I mentioned. Coty Clarke was good for us here at Arkansas and could do those things as well. Alandise Harris wasn’t as skilled as those 2 other guys, but still very solid. We just haven’t been able to get that from our last group of 4’s in Dustin Thomas, Arlando Cook, Adrio Bailey, and Gabe Osabouhein. Although, I do think Gabe is starting to show he could be capable if he cuts down on mistakes and just slows down.

I hope you’re right. Franklin just has that “It” factor for me. Seems to play with way more confidence than Bailey or some of those guys you mentioned

See, this is where we differ on DeGray, he is 6’5/6’6. He’s that same undersized PF, but he’s listed on most sites as a SF. He looks like Mason Jones in both skillset and speed. Now, I’ve said I wouldn’t mind having two Mason Jones’ on the floor, but we’d still be undersized and getting abused on the boards.

I absolutely agree with you about Franklin, but I think he’s the one we end up with.

I agree with both of you about Hamlet, but that’s a very interesting offer to me. Makes me think someone else is leaving and has already let it be known. If it is to give both Harris and Justice a challenge, then I think it needs to be done. One of the issues that has been pointed out by analysts all year, is other teams don’t respect Harris’ shooting so they back off and cut off the passing lanes forcing him to score (they do the same with Gabe, but Gabe attacks.

I know we disagree on Hawkins, but I think we end up with him as well.

If Harris doesn’t improve his 3 ball, Hill needs to start. It’s a huge liability. We need shooting or true scorers in the worst way. Joe and Jones are all we have out there. Embrey -Simpson has been disappointing this year. Sills has a good role. But we need guys who can consistently shoot the ball.

Blu you are spot on imo with your assessment I like Degray better than Franklin just like I liked Aj Bramah better than Franklin…Franklin looks like another Adrio Bailey to me no true postion because he’s undersized as a 4 or 5 and he’s not skilled enough with the handles and shooting to be a true 3 or 2…Only if he is a sure threat to dribble drive and shoot will I thank franklin or if Adrio transferred but the new point guard guy we are recruiting is just what the doctor ordered he can shoot and shoot free throws we need that on our team plus he’s an older player and given our success with jucos he could be a key player to a final four run along with DouDou