Hoop visitors this weekend

Thought I would put in one place.


2020 Moses Moody- Montverde Academy

2020 guard Bryce Thompson-Tulsa Washington

2020 guard Matthew Murrell- Memphis Whitehaven


2020 center Jaylin Williams- Ft. Smith Northside

2021 guard Terran Williams- Barton

2021 forward Jalen Ricks-Sylvan Hills

2022 guard Nick Smith-Sylvan Hills

Huge weekend. It’s all laid out there over the next couple of season for Mike to build this thing into a top 15 program. He barely has to leave the state to do it.

The problem is right now he won’t have many scholarships to work with. Some of these guys that may want to come here, may have to go elsewhere because we have no room.

You make room for the type of talent in the three official visitors this weekend! The numbers will work out somehow if you sign top 100 players.

Got to love that level of ability. Winning teams in the top 25
require these types of players.

I can easily forsee a Medical Hardship & Early NBA entry freeing (2) for 2019.

Now with abundance of Freshmen not everyone is going to get major PT so…Ibrahim Ali (transfer possibility) Jalen Harris (Senior) but that’s just (2) for 2020.

Adrio (graduate) - 3

Jalen Harris is a redshirt sophomore so his scholarship would be used for a 2021 prospect - not a 2020.

I hope fans showed love for the basketball recruits. I am afraid this weekend was all about Kelly Bryant. Too bad Moses Moody was not the highlight of the weekend. I am sure when they scheduled Moody, they had no idea Bryant was coming.

Plus Bryce Thompson.