Hoop official visits

2022 Derrian Ford- June 1-3 official

2022 Kel’el Ware- June 1-3 official

2022 Barry Dunning - June 2-4 official

2023 Layden Blocker- Jun 5 unofficial

2022 Kijani Wright- June 21-23 official

2022 Ramel Lloyd- June 22-24 official

2022 Zuby Ejiofor - June 24 unofficial

2022 Jordan Walsh- June 24-26 official

2022 Nick Smith Jr.- Sept. 10-12 official

Cam we assume if they are taking official visits, that they have committable offers?

Very few kids take OVs with uncommittable offers so yes. Especially pre and post Covid.

Thanks. Oh, and do you think there is a shot that at least one of the 3 OVs could commit after the visit?


Just traded texts with another prospect who will likely visit in June. He’s waiting to finalize the details before releasing it.


Dad how was your vacation

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Not long enough son. Tired of supporting you and not having enough money at the end of the month.

Time for you to start earning your keep.


RD, Did Scotty meet you in Vegas at the Racebook? #ScottyLongshot

Haha my man!

Talking about Scotty McKeever?

Oh yeah. Scotty is the man.

How did you know I followed Scotty’s picks/system?

Jordan Walsh is the one I was referring to.

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He will be a hoss by the time he plays college ball. Skilled, smart and size. Keep him in Fayetteville.


I keep going back and gaze at this list in amazement and anticipation. I know we have this whole baseball deal going and I am very excited about it.

But this list.

I’m listing 2022 Richard Isaacs Jr. as a possibility to officially visit June 30- July 2.

Nothing for sure right now.