Hoop Hogs to host


This. Is. My. Nephew.

This will be my favorite trip to The Hill ever.

Adam, he’s well deserving of the offer. I’ve seen him play since I live here in Paragould. He can ball for sure. Congrats to the family!

Oh, how cool. I hope you (and your nephew) enjoy it!

There’s no way I won’t be on Cloud 9. To flip an infamous quote from Eddie Sutton, I’d crawl to Fayetteville to be there for this.

Wow congrats.

Hope he becomes a Hog.

Notorious, congratulations to you and your nephew. Awesome.

if you think appropriate, would love read your comments about the experience.

Miss reading you. Come back.

He still has a year of HS left so it will be interesting to see how everything shakes out.

Zane is really looking forward to continuing to prove that he’s a big-time player.

I’m just really proud of him as a person, first, and also as a player.

Its Cool :sunglasses:

That is great. Would like to hear how the trip went also. Best of luck to him.