Hoop Hogs to host

Do you think he will be happy to be a walk-on hoping to get PT and a scholarship down the line, when he has some very good scholarship offers and will have more from non-P5 schools?

I asked the same question when RJ Glasper walked on. And he ended up frustrated and transferred out.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love for him to be a Hog, But Muss recruiting gets better than Anderson as some predict, I worry whether he will get an opportunity to play much here.

Great and Congrats, Notorius! ghg

Adam, I saw a tweet that Zane had visited Southern Illinois, I think, but this is way better.

I know you are very proud Adam.

You should be.

Congrats sir!

I’m just the proud uncle. I leave all that stuff to my brother and my nephew.

And, I’ve seen way too many parents and family members jump on message boards and later regret it (or at least they should have). So, I will defer to them.

But, regardless, we are very proud of him.

He’s a special kid, first, who happens to be a very good baller.

Thank you for all of your kind words.