Hoop Hogs reach out

I don’t understand. Is he graduating this year but can have a year of eligibility elsewhere next year that he can’t have at that school. Just don’t really understand the process especially this early when season just started.

Arkansas has communicated with Parker. Will be a lot of comp but this is one I think Muss would like to add.

Really liked him out of high school. Not surprising that he’s been successful.

Parker and Khalil Garland played together on Team Penny.

Would he be eligible after end of semester this year or not until next year? Very odd timing.

The way he dribbles all the way down to his shooting form is a exact copy of Verdigris, Oklahoma product 5’11 Rotnei Clarke (2008-11)

His father and former coach at UT Martin just died 2 weeks ago…

Wow level skills offensively. He seems to be comfortable at all three levels of shooting.
Must be a lot of programs that would love to have him.

I’m not sure how the scholie numbers could work out if Arkansas is really interested in Stewart. Khamani Johnson will be taking up the last '20-21 scholie once he transfers from UALR at the end of this semester. If Stewart wants to play somewhere starting next semester, I don’t think it can be at Arkansas.

It seems that way but I would not rule anything out.

It appears that we have a couple current schollies spending a lot of time on the pine.

They have played two games.

I don’t know if that equates to a lot of “time” on the bench.

It will be interesting to monitor from here on out, but I don’t think he has given up on any one yet

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