Honoring our HOF coaches


I think the vast majority of Arkansas fans are pleased with the naming of Nolan Richardson Drive. Now that the precedent has been set, what should be expected in honoring our HOF coaches? Should the acts of appreciation be equal among all of our HOF coaches who have won a national title?
Statues? Naming of Streets? Stadiums/Courts?
If yes, where is the love for Coach Lance Harter? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think he has any statue (neither does Nolan), street or stadium named after him.
And it’s just a matter of time DVH wins a national title. I hope the AD and PTB have a plan to equally honor all of our national championship coaches.


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Nolan Richardson Drive was renamed by the city of Fayetteville, not UA.

Nolan always said he wanted a statue. He doesn’t have one yet, but he has his name on a court and a street. JFB is a building and a field, and a statue, but all of that is as much what he did as AD as HFC (John Barnhill didn’t get the arena named after him because of his coaching either). John McD has the track and a statue. I expect Harter will have a statue before long, and I could see McDonnell-Harter Track.

Norm has a driveway, basically. But he never won the NC. You could get a little silly with the hyphenations for DVH (the Hunt-Van Horn Baseball Center, maybe). Probably just a statue outside the ballpark.

Do you know if there have been discussions about Nolan statue and someone opposed it? Or the thought has never crossed the great minds within our Athletic administration?

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