Honeymoon is Over

I gave Morris a complete pass last year - year zero in my mind.

I did not expect miracles this year either, but I did expect to see a well coached young team that’s fun to watch and would improve as the year goes on.

We may still see that improvement, but these first two games have been very poor - I cannot believe how bad this offense look thus far against below average defenses.

Very, very discouraging and the benefit of the doubt I’ve extended to Morris and staff given their reputation as offensive gurus is no longer there.

Not calling for anybody’s head or anything, but all the catchphrases and spin will be one ear and out the other for me.

Not a fan of catchphrases and slogans wither. Winners don’t need that stuff

I’m like you. The self inflicted wounds drove me insane.


With Starkel, we actually saw what this offense could look like. My personal opinion, the more reps he gets with the WR’s and TE’s will only make this offense better and maybe we’ll be able to finish drives.

Agreed. Starkel gave the impression that he could score with the offense. My only concern is that the offense looked like it was largely confused and out of place.

After the way Hicks conducted himself on the sidelines, i’d Be perfectly fine with him starting next week as third string, behind JSJ.

Petrino’s first team looked horrible early - almost lost to Western Illinois and ULM and got crushed by Texas and Alabama.

Turning point was Florida - lost but you could see young talent and improvement.

Kept on getting better and finished as a tough out in league play and even beat a good LSU team. You could tell we were going places the next year and beyond.

That type of trajectory is my hope for this team, but I’m skeptical we’ll see it.

Jackson. Not sure what game you saw. Of the wide receivers that played only mike woods played college football last year. OL has 5 new starters at all new positions and one was a true freshman and the other from juco. Hicks missed two td’s in first half. Got to get someone that can run behind Boyd.

On the defensive line two true freshman and a redshirt freshman played majority of snaps. Your linebackers are backed up by former walkons. The secondary had a true freshman in Greg brooks playing with a bunch of redshirts. There was improvement. It is just gonna take time to get talent and get it developed.

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Y’all are gonna have to stop making excuses for this guy and his staff. Even the players are seeing they don’t know what they’re doing.

BTW, this refers to his “honeymoon” not his job. So don’t think I’m implying he should be fired. I think his 'honeymoon" has come to an end.

All I know is Morris said before the season - as camp was wrapping- that this was a much better team than the 2018 squad.

I’m not seeing that at this point.

Is it just me, or are our DB’s afraid of contact? Notice the punishment Ole Miss DB’s delivered + made tackles. Foucha even got air on one attempt. Been a big Morris defender, but honestly watching his sideline demeanor he doesn’t look like a HC. CSU next week, no gimme, most likely a close game. We lose that one, its gonna get interesting. But do agree, Starkel should be the starter here on.

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You say we’re making excuses, but you are creating hyperbole.

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I’m just merely stating that in my opinion many are using excuses that were too young or we don’t have talent, or CCM don’t have his guys, etc is the reason we lost.

I feel there IS talent that can win, and if we had a better staff and coach(who has never beaten a P5 school), we would have won and would be winning. Last night is a prime example of how inept CCM is.

And a direct comparison to our program is UNC. Mack Brown is a good coach. He’s brought immediate respectability to that program, can recruit, and has a ring. We got the other guy.

Against Ole Miss, saying we’re too young isn’t a good excuse I agree. But having 11 new starters on offense and a QB that has been here for 3 weeks does make adjusting to those new players harder.

My personal opinion is its still way too early to suggest Morris can’t coach or that he can’t turn this team around.

Fedora had decent players from good recruiting already set in place and Brown isn’t running too different of a defense or offensive scheme. That’s not a good comparison.

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Yeah, lot of people don’t look at things like that. Until Starkel came in last night, I was questioning the hire (and Craddock’s), but Starkel seemed to show where the program is headed. And the age isn’t the only thing to “youth.” Last week we had four guys total on offense and defense that were starters last year (Game one). That’s also referred to as youth. Ole Miss has several more, they’re not “as young” as us

Exactly, which is why I think this is way too early to suggest Morris is a bust hire.

Our offense in the second half would help our defense not get gassed like they did. Ultimately that’s what killed us was our defense got burned out.

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Honeymoon ends, IMO, after year three. but we need to see some improvement from game to game. My goal is year 5. Go .500 in league play.

I agree 3rd string. I don’t understand why they stayed with him that long.

WOW! So, all you see is the end of the honeymoon for CCM if we are 0-24 in the SEC after 3 years of pathetic football? If that’s the case with our athletic administration, we should just declare that the U of A is the poor, pitiful, cousin of Vandy and football is only important to us for providing great TV revenue. Winning no longer matters. Who cares if we only draw 10,000 fans to our football games. Sheesh.

I don’t think (or hope) we crash and burn at the end of this year like we did last year, but if we do, CCM should be fired. Especially if we have a couple of 40 or 50 point blow outs like we had to end last year. Once again, I don’t think that will happen, but if it does it sure better bring more consequence than “one more” honeymoon year.

edit: I re-reread your post and saw the “we need to see game to game improvement though”. Not sure what that means or how it equates to wins. But, how would you feel about 3-9, 5/19 / 0-8, 0-16 with 2 end of year blow-outs? Would he still get another “honeymoon year”?