I detest losing

But as tired as we look, UK would have murdered us tomorrow.

I would rather lose to Barnes and UT than Cal and the evil ones

I hate losing too!
However, IF we were to win today, I can’t see how we would have much left to beat Ky.

The two best SEC teams are in the finals. The Vols would have beat anybody, today.

I was at game Tennessee can’t play any better than they did first half. We are as good a team as they are just ran into there best half that I’ve seen from them.

Tired Legs! No reason to bash the hogs. Today is the result of playing Thursday and Tennessee only having to play yeasterday.
If you want to win the conference tournament you need to be a top 4 seed.
Period. I may hate to get beat but at least it wasn’t to Kentucky. Get some rest and be ready for the Dance.

There’a good reason that no one without the double has done it in the last 10 years of so.

As of right now, I agree because of Auburn’s injuries

I agree with Army. We were tired. 3 straight days—all the late game. UT was relatively fresh. I doubt we hurt our seeding today, so I’d rather have a better chance to rest before our first game next week.

Yes, Kentucky and Tennessee are the best teams in the SEC. We played, in my view, one of our best games of the year when we beat the Vols in overtime at Walton. They match up well against us because they are strong and physical inside and we are not.

Kudos to Coach Anderson for getting us to play well in the stretch run in the SEC and in the tournament. The guy is a good coach even though he drives me crazy sometimes. Last year we played well late just like this year.

Man, I want to get to the Sweet 16 this year so we can start being a respected and relevant program again. We really need to make some noise in the NCAA’s this year. I know Coach does,also. We are close.

Is Carl the Toupee Ravich fron Tennessee? Man, I never heard so much gushing about a team as he blabbered about the Vols. He had to stand on that box during pregame so we could see him in the picture.

I fully agree with you guys about the loss to TN. They had a lot of energy, physicality and good team to compete with KY. We were not up to the challenge today or tomorrow. Maybe they can beat KY so I can rejoice.

We definitely missed Dustin Thomas. We are much easier to defend when we don’t really have a threat from the 4 position.

I thought Hall had a good game! Dustin Thomas could have still been on the team if he would have made the right choices. Mentioning him is wrong. He had several chances and was well aware of the rules.

Rest! The teams that played only one game prior to today won! Double Bye!

We should be proud to have made it this far and beat Florida. The win over Florida took out our legs. UT had a slow game against Misstake. It’s all about the top 4 seeds and a double bye.

I am definitely pulling for UT against UK. Unfortunately, UT is returning most everybody next year, Misstake is too, so we are going to be fighting them a lot next year too. I also heard that UK may not have that many players go to the NBA as in the past, so the dynamic is changing a little for UK.

yes, TN has a young team & KY probably will return all but one. The league is going to get stronger as we move on. I hope we do the same.

I said the same thing to a longtime Hog friend Saturday morning, I would rather lose to TN than get blown out of the gym Sunday against KY… and that’s what would have happened playing four straight days. Now we get an extra day off to get ready for the dance, this team needs to recharge.

Losing this many SR’s in one class is crazy but relying on that same amount of True Freshman next year is terrible. UT, Misstake, and UK will return a lot if not all of their best players. LSU and Bama are going to return some very talented players.

That’s true. Without a doubt we will not be as good next year because the players in this year’s class, except for Gafford, are not very good and Gafford is probably gone. Also, our incoming freshmen are not near as good as Kentucky’s 5 star freshmen. However, they will be very good players by either their sophomore or junior year.

Completely disagree. We lose Beard (who isn’t a stud, and been complained about by many of you consistently), Trey Thompson (who is too slow and not good at switching, a true liability according to many of you), Arlando Cook (who isn’t any good, never turned the JUCO corner, again said by many of you), and Dustin Thomas (several of you said we’d be better off without him).

They’re being replaced with Desi Sills (a better shooter and defender than Beard), Ethan Henderson (a Top 100 player that is a player, period), Reggie Chaney (a 4 in the mold of Corliss), and Jordan Phillips (the TAPPS 4A state player of the year, that can play all five positions, and because of his size creates matchup problems for the 1-4 positions. He’s too big for PG’s and SG’s, and he is too quick for 4’s).

Now we lose Barford and Macon, two very good players. We replace them with Isaiah Joe (shoots better than CJ and handles the ball as good as Macon, and he is AR Gatorade POY), Keshawn Embery (another CG who is very similar to Macon, as you said in 2 years he will very close to Macon, he is actually ahead of him coming out of HS), Jalen Harris (the “true” PG everyone wants), and a possibility of a returning Garland (very similar to Hall, but a much better shooter and ball handler) and a midterm enrollee in Hill (another absolute stud PG).

I think by this time next year, this team will be much, better.

I have not complained about Beard but a few times and have in fact defended him mostly. Trey Thompson is one of my favorites because of his passing which will be missed more than many think. Baked, I hope you are right about the incoming talent, but I can’t trust the True Freshman to be better than Beard, Barford and Macon. At least, Harris has been with the team during the RS year so he will acclimate quickly. CJ Jones scares me when it comes to counting on him to be a MAN next year.