Honest question...

How much of our “QB woes” are actually just because receivers are not physical enough and cannot get separation? Or rather due to the poor offensive line? Give me percentages:

On the QB - __%
On the WRs - __%
On the OL - __%

Hard to tell about any because they are all struggling so, no one gets a fair chance at showing what they are capable of. I would say:

40% on the O-line/inconsistent running game
25% on the quarterback
25% on the receivers
10% on play calling (I think there should be a few easier throws to help the quarterback. We should have thrown about 10 screens against Auburn to help with the rush.)

1 QB
1 WR
1 OL

99% CBB :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I would say that they all share blame. Impossible for me to say how much should be assigned to each group.

QB 30
Wr 15
OL 40
called plays 15

I actually disagree with you a little bit here. I know your an OL guy, but I think probably about 50-75% of the problem is the constant changing of QB’s, and not enough reps with the receiver to build familiarity and trust. I think we will improve as the season goes on, and the QB trusting his receivers more (and vice-versa) will make the Oline look better because the ball will start coming out quicker. I think the OL not having consistency also affected their play. To me those issues are more about coaching (not necessarily calling plays, and not necessarily BB’s fault either).

I have felt the same about the 1 week of consistency for QB and OLine being a major issue. These guys know who their QB is and what plays are possible with Ty. The guys on the Oline can start developing confidence and chemistry which should lead to improved play. We need the WRs to make improvement in getting off the line through press coverage. The WRs are the last piece of the puzzle to show marked improvement in our Offense.

Changing quarterbacks and a young and inexperienced offensive line is never a good combination but I also think we could be calling higher percentage pass plays that would give them confidence instead of always throwing the ball deep where you have a very low percentage of completion

I’m seeing two problems with receivers. The 1st, and I said this last week, is I don’t see the quickness. I see speed, but not quickness, that ties directly into route running. I’m not seeing quick, crisp routes. That’s a good way to get separation. The second, and Brandon Allen had this problem BB’s first year, is accuracy and trust. What I mean by this, is if you gave the ball to Tom Brady and had him throw at my doorbell, it’s on a four inch piece of wood beside my door. My door is glass, and on the other side of the wood is brick. Brady would hit my doorbell, probably 8 out of 10 throws. Allen that first year and Storey this year would hit either the window or the bricks, nine out of 10 times. Allen got Drew Morgan, HH, and some decent receivers. They started adjusting their bodies to make those catches. It allowed BA to get more comfortable throwing to them. When he started getting more comfortable his accuracy started improving. He started hitting the doorbell more. Right now, if you watch our guys, they’re wanting the ball to hit the doorbell, it’s not. They aren’t adjusting their bodies for the “off” throws. I’ve seen one or two adjust their bodies, and you can probably tell who they are, because that’s who most of the passes are going to. When he’s (Storey) had a year with these guys, much like
BA’s second year, you’ll start seeing improvements in both. If they work on routes and timing, it’ll also help the Oline look better because the separation will occur and the pass will come out faster, but that’s something the coaches should be working with them on.

It’s a group effort shared about evenly in my opinion.

These guys throw and catch the ball a lot in the spring, summer, preseason practice and in-season practice so I can’t buy that as an excuse.

Your question concerned the QB woes, so I would say:
I just haven’t observed the WRs getting any separation when running their routes, no matter who is taking the snap. Then the OL does not provide enough time. Not enough data available for when the WR gets separation and/or the OL holds up for me to tell exactly how good or bad our stable of QBs is.

I will say overall blame should be distributed evenly.

I see 2 main problems:

  1. There is a breakdown or mistake by one or more players pretty much every play…some times you can get away with this but the current talent on the offense cannot overcome this, so either missed block by OL or RB, penalty, WR run incorrect routes or bad routes and QB mistakes.

  2. There has not been any consistency or even many instances of a skill player making a great play to overcome the bad stuff happening in #1. Basically the receiver will catch the ball if it hits him in the hands, the RB will make good run if there is a hole, the QB will complete a pass if receiver is running free. A lot of this probably can be attributed to a new offense even more so than talent, but you need those explosive plays, great catches, 3 or 4 yard runs where there is no hole and QA to put it on a dime in tight coverage once and again.

Yes sir, what he said ! WPS