Any one else concerned that all of our runs this weekend were the results of home runs? I akin this to a basketball team living and dying at the three point line. Too many K’s and not enough line drive singles and doubles for this old school fan!


Very concerned here.

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We had no timely base hits the last two games…but timely Homers.

Uh, a two-run homer is a timely base hit. Solo homer, okay. But a multi-run homer is hitting with men on base; it just happened to leave the yard.

As Earl Weaver used to say, “The key to winning baseball games is pitching, defense and three-run homers.”


Very concerned. If we play with a strong wind blowing in, we will have a tough time scoring. We are not getting base hits.

The strike outs have been lower at times that’s good to see. Good AB’s is what I want to see. Rolling over an outside pitch and swinging at pitches up and out of the strike zone frustrates me.
I don’t care how they score. I hat to see RISP with no outs or 1 out and failing to score.
Ole Miss sure struggled with RISP this weekend. I wonder how many batters scored that were walked?

That’s the way this team is designed. Dave had said many times in this league you better try to get 3 runs on one hit than try to get a run on two hits. I get exactly what you’re saying but it’s not going to change for this team we just have to hope we can get timely hits other than home runs sometimes but the majority of our runs are going to be based on us hitting the ball out of the ballpark has been for several years


Doesn’t bother me. Those are runs. If someone is already on base, it’s more than a run. We can be concerned if we’re not getting enough timely hits, but I’m not at all concerned that too many are leaving the yard.

Would you rather have a 2 out HR or a 2 out single, double, or triple? I know what I want. Hard to leave someone on base when someone hits a home run

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The way I look at it, some of those home runs at worst might have been line-drive hits to the wall without the wind, so they were still good swings that probably would have produced RBI. The home runs by Diggs, Webb, Turner and Slavens were not cheap. Lanzilli’s was the one that might have had the most wind help. It wasn’t very windy yesterday, but it did seem to carry more than the center fielder thought it would off the bat.

I’m sure Ole Miss would have traded some of those doubles for home runs.

If you win, doesn’t matter how you score them. Plus, chicks dig the long ball. Doesn’t matter to me.

I single doesn’t score a run. Two singles don’t score a run. A home run can score four and scores one unless you miss a base.

Go ahead and worry about this if you want, but I’m not.


Our record on May 2 last year was 34-8/15-6, when we were #1 in the country. This year it’s 34-10/14-7. Just isn’t that much difference. Schedule last year was tougher to be sure, but you can only play who is on your schedule. And it didn’t help that Indiana decided to suck this year.

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Where do we stand in the SEC in terms of strike outs on offense and pop outs? Where do we stand in runs per game scored in the SEC. Where do we rank in team batting avg for SEC games?

I don’t know about popups. Arkansas has the fifth-fewest (or 10th most) strikeouts in the league. The Razorbacks rank sixth in runs scored and 10th in batting average. For SEC-only games, Arkansas’ batting average ranks ninth.

One key stat that doesn’t get talked about enough is walks. Arkansas ranks fourth in the league in walks taken. Before last week the Razorbacks were second in that category. They were much more aggressive during the Ole Miss series than I have seen in other series this year.

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This is league full of people who throw 95+ (and in one case 105+) and/or have nasty stuff (Tygart for instance). You’re going to have a lot of strikeouts.

I noticed several of our batters yesterday followed Billy’s wishes and swung at the first pitch, and the results were largely (1) swing and miss, (2) grounder to short, and (3) lazy fly to right. At least with (1) you get to see more pitches.;2 and 3 send you back to the dugout.

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I’ll give Billy credit for understanding the game better than I do. However, I disagree with him on that particular idea. I doubt the coaches say, “always take” the first pitch. I expect each hitter has a way of getting more comfortable. I admit it’s tough to watch a first pitch cut center of HP with no swing by the batter, I can also understand why a batter might want to look at one. There are pluses & minuses to every approach. You don’t want to get behind in the pitch count, but that can happen with a swing & miss, a foul ball, or worse yet, a pop up or soft grounder for an easy out.

My favorite at bat is one where the pitcher has to throw 8 pitches to get the final result, especially if the batter somehow gets on base.

The Nate Thompson approach – and almost every good coach I’ve ever talked about – is to look for a pitch in their hitting zone – or where they mash – early in the count. If it’s not there, don’t offer. If it’s there, hammer it hard. Because it’s a strike does not mean you swing at it. There are a lot of strikes that are tough to hit.


Clay basically said what I believe but Let Billy clarify and I have said this many times I believe in swinging at the first pitch when it’s in the heart of the plate. You’re not going to do much with 94-5 on the black or 96 in on the hands but if it’s the attack part of the plate I don’t think you should take it. Turner hit a home run yesterday but took the exact same pitch to start the at-bat. So I am not an advocate just to swing at the first pitch I am an advocate of knowing the strike zone and if it’s in the middle of the plate you go up there to try to hammer it,now sometimes it’s going to be right at somebody for a double play, sometimes you’re going to just miss it and Pop it up but you’re not going to be able to hammer it until you least swing the bat… I will definitely take my chances with the heart of the plate pitch of hitting it hard somewhere versus not swinging the bat at all and letting the pitcher get ahead in the count… so if you’re going to quote me make sure you quote me correctly because I have mentioned that several times.

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Yeah I totally agree with taking the first pitch if it’s a pitchers pitch meaning down in the zone, on the corners, those you’re not going to hit solidly very many times. There’s where some of our ground outs and pop ups have been on, they have not been good hitters pitches and there is a huge difference between the two.the thing that irritates me is pitches that are right down the middle of the plate that we have hit out/hard numerous times, we take That’s what I call not being ready to hit. I love Turner but he takes some of the most gorgeous pitches right down the middle of the plate that would be right in his swing plane.He hit one out yesterday but took the same pitch for strike one. I like that we were more aggressive against Ole Miss because as we saw all it takes is a couple of good swings for us to win a ball game with our pitching and defense

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