Glad the last one was a solo shot! The walks hurt!
It isn’t over but we need some runs.

Reindl had absolutely nothing never got a ptich below the waist… scary thought going to be tomorrow Campbell better be on his game and we are in trouble

It’s going to take some incredible offense to come back from this today. It’s just not our day. We’ve been flirting with trouble all day. I suppose it’s possible, but I’m sick about this. Glad DVH is going with Bonnin. We can’t afford to waste any top BP pitchers today. Just hope we get the “good Campbell” tomorrow.

Reindl looked nervous as hell…missing badly or floating up meatballs…smh. IC better be on the ball tomorrow

The grand salami pitch was actually out of the zone low but Tolbert went down and got it. The next homer, I think I could have hit that pitch. Popped it up, probably, but I could have made contact.

Doesn’t bode well for us. If we lose, we’ll be so uptight for tomorrow’s game we could easily lose it.

Yes. Today was a do or die game for SC. Tomorrow they will have already experienced that kind of pressue. We haven’t faced an elimination game yet. Tomorrow we’ll be home team again. We’ll need to jump on them early.

I’m still holding out some faint hope for today, but the hope would have been much better had Cole’s hit that bounced off the pitcher had gotten through. The gap would have been no worse than 3 runs. Four runs is doable, but we can’t give them any more & we’re going to need a big inning.