HOme Team Question

Does anyone know if we are the home team tonight and how do they decide who gets home/away status? Coin Flip?

I think we’re visitors tonight because OSU is the higher seeded team. We’re home tomorrow. I believe any 3rd game is coin flip

Matt thought it would be straight seeding – visitor tonight and Wednesday, home Tuesday, no coin flip. I hope we don’t have to find out. Win tonight, win tomorrow.

Funny how it always works out, when we’re the higher seed, that it’s always (after the first game) “whoever has been home the least”. But if things go all the way to game 3, we will have been the home team twice in six games. How many times has OSU been home/away in Omaha?

Not sure that it matters as much, but I still don’t like it.

I agree. It seems like a coin flip for Game 3 is the only fair way, especially if the regionals don’t allow the host team to be allowed to be the home team each game. It just seems like seeds are occasionally used and number of times a team has been home team are used and then coin flips are used. Of all times, when two teams have reached the pinnacle, that each shoiuld be home once and visitor once and, then the third game should be decided by a coin flip.