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Enrique Bradfield stole a couple of stolen bases last night thanks to his scorekeeper. They should have been called indifference.

I don’t think he’ll make it, but Bradfield is trying to get to the SEC’s career stolen bases record of 145. Last night’s “steals” gave him 126.


I think Rowland should’ve attempted a throw on his steal of third. The batter stepped out of the box and almost onto the plate. I think the ruling is that if there is no attempted throw, no interference.

The TV dudes agreed with you Matt on one of those.

Seeing as how the first stolen base caused him to pass Chris Burke on the career list, I figured he might agree.

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Giving him a stolen base when he went to second was ridiculous. You could not find a better example of defensive indifference.

Rowland has failed to make the umpire make that type of call all season long! Throw the ball and make the batter be in the way.