Home plate ump tomorrow?

Do I dare say his name?

I hope not. I still remember South Carolina. He should have never been allowed to call another CWS.

I understand there were two crews throughout the series. I don’t know if they dropped down to just one for the finals. If they didn’t, we should have the other crew tomorrow night & not have to face him behind the plate.

No you don’t


Swine will the other umpire crew call tomorrow’s game?

It seems that they merged the two crews into one six-man crew for the CS. They didn’t have umps down the foul lines last week. So our nemesis appears to be exactly where we don’t want him tomorrow.

Frankly, as bad as he is, it can’t be any worse than the guy last night on balls and strikes. That guy was watching the “all-world” catcher’s mitt and wherever he jerked it to, that was the call. Costello won’t do that because he can’t see that far.

I hope he does and calls it like he did the USCe game. Some of you may have forgot, but he was allowing our guys to paint the corners until the 9th, when he made them throw strikes. If that happens tonight, we have two guys, Loeske and Cronin who had relatively easy nights last night, who like to throw strikes. But of course that’s how I remember the last Costello game. Maybe I’m not remembering correctly

I thought he did fine on the game I saw him call the other day