Home grown recruits

I think that Richard’s post that is copied below is accurate. It seems to me that the real missing ingredient is home grown Arkansas players. If someone has the data to go back to 2002 and compare the recruits from the state, it may tell a story.

[quote]Below is what I’ve posted several times on the board. As to why the rankings don’t support that you probably need to ask them, but below is factual. If not, show me otherwise.

Nutt beat out elite programs for Ugoh in 2002, none in 2003, Michael Grant, Fred Beldsoe and Hillis in 2004, Felix Jones and Darren in 2005. Three out-of -state recruits with elite offers.

Petrino beat out elites for Joe Adams in 2008, Ronnie Wingo, Knile Davis, Darius Winston and David Gordon in 2009, none in 2010, Tevin Mitchel, Brey Cook, Mitch Smothers, Lonnie Gosha, Quinta Funderburke and Andrew Peterson in 2011 and none in 2012. Seven out-of-state recruits with elite offers.

Bielema beat out elites for Hunter Henry, Alex Collins, Denver Kirkland, Dan Skipper and Reeve Koehler in 2013, Frank Ragnow, Brian Wallace, Bijhon Jackson and Rafe Peavey in 2014, Jalen Merrick, Will Gragg, CJ O’Grady, Hjalte Froholdt, Zach Rogers, Ty Storey in 2015, Devwah Whaley, McTelvin Agim, Briston Guidry in 2016, Montaric Brown, Chevin Calloway, Kam Curl, Jeremy Patton, Brandon Martin, Chase Hayden, Jarques McClellion in 2017. That makes 18 out-of-state kids with elite offers in five years. The list above has five classes for Petrinio and four for Nutt.