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Vandy has shot 13 FT - made all 13

Hogs has shot 3 FT - made 1

Just call it the same both ways.

I’m here at courtside and don’t agree.

Vandy has done a good job of attacking the rim and getting fouled and obviously Trey fouled a jump shooter shooting 3.

Vandy also hit its first shot on 1-and-1 attempts to earn the second and made those, too

there are more Arkansas fans here than Vanderbilt ones.

Of course, there are more KY fans still in the building than both

Don’t leave Trey Thompson on a three point shooting guard on a switch. That would be a good start.
The other observation go strong to the whole to dunk in close against the big man otherwise move the ball. Why put up prayers to be blocked. Move the ball and get the shots for the scorers ! We looked really bad. The free throw line is all that’s kept Vandy in the game. That’s the hogs fault not the refs!

Yeah can’t argue about Trey knocking the dude down.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve hardly ever seen a foul called on the Hogs I agree with not to mention penalties in FB games. :wink: