Holy-moly!!! Look at this tidbit for 2021 from Kendall Rogers

Living in the DFW area, this is fantastic news! What a field - worthy of Omaha in many seasons.


That is some serious baseball talent right there!

It really is Omaha-like, except for the rebnecks.

With that group of teams it’s worth a road trip to see some baseball.

Omaha stands for Ole Miss Ain’t Here Again

I had heard about this tournament a few weeks ago. I was on vacation and forgot about posting it. It will be the opening weekend of the season and Arkansas will play Texas, Texas Tech and TCU.

The Razorbacks were going to play in the Frisco tournament again in 2021, but that has been scratched to play in Arlington. The same organizer for the Frisco tournament is putting one together in Round Rock in 2022, and Arkansas will play in that instead.

Arkansas is going to play in the Shriners tournament at MinuteMaid in Houston in 2020. The opponents there are expected to be Texas, Baylor and Oklahoma.

The Razorbacks also have a midweek home and home tentatively scheduled with Michigan State in 2020 and 2021. The first games will be in East Lansing in May 2020, and the Spartans will come to Baum in April 2021.

If you like Hog baseball, you should consider going to one of these tournaments. I went to Houston to watch them in the tournament at Minute Maid Park a couple of years ago, and it was really fun. It’s great to see the team play in a major league ballpark, and there are plenty of tickets available.

As mentioned in the OP, I live in the DFW area, so went to the Frisco tournament in 2017 - great time (except for intermittent cold rain). Was talking with my watch party group yesterday prior to the Basketball game, and mentioned this upcoming tournament to them. That led to conversation of the Frisco event we attended, and all agreed it was a fun time (even though the Hogs dropped 2 of 3 games), and we are all on-board to go to this Tournament in 2021 when it comes to Arlington.

One of the fabulous things is that you are able to get really, really good tickets you would normally have to pay through the nose to get, if you were watching MLB games, because of reduced crowd size. So you get a view of the park you normally would not see. And - it’s the Hogs! Can’t beat that.

SWC Classic.

Dave Van Horn confirmed all of these games at Swatter’s Club yesterday. He also said Arkansas would resume a home-and-home with Oklahoma in 2020 (in Norman) and 2021 (Fayetteville). Arkansas and Oklahoma had played home-and-home quite a bit in Van Horn’s early years, but OU missed a couple of trips to Arkansas because of weather and didn’t want to make them up, so the series was ended. I believe the last time they played was April 10, 2012, the night Bobby Petrino was fired as the football coach.

I also spoke to an acquaintance who is associated with the Round Rock Classic. He would not tell me who the other teams were verbally committed for 2022, but he said there are three, counting Arkansas. The others are from the Pac-12 and the Big Ten. One more will be added. None have signed contracts yet.

The Round Rock Classic will be played at the beautiful Triple-A facility there and will have the same format as the Frisco Classic - a four-team, six-game round robin that will include only teams from Power 5 conferences.

I like it when y’all talk dirty about Ole Miss. :lol:

The Hog’s '20 recruiting class can show out on that kind of setting…

The 2019 one, too. There aren’t as many big names in '19 as '20, but I think there are some studs among that group.