Holy crap

the pics of Ayobami Tifase in his tweet do not do him justice.

He’s definitely without a doubt one of the more impressive D-linemen I’ve seen visit Arkansas since I’ve been doing my job. He’s cut. Most linemen aren’t cut like this guy.

Hearing good things for Arkansas. Plan to have a story in the very near future.


Thats good news RD - IMO the position I hope the Hogs focus on and have some success recruiting in the next couple of classes

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He can enroll now but would have to redshirt a year. He was a 22 guy but was going to reclassify to 23 but sounds like he will enroll this summer at whichever school he chooses.


The 2 DL coaches in his pics are very large men - yep, he’s a grown-a$$ man. I’m ready to contribute to the NIL if needed

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Also, if we could get Markis Deal this cycle it would be big

How well he plays on the college level, I don’t know but he looks the part.


Can you 'splain that a little more. If he “was” a 22 guy, why would he need to redshirt?

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Aloha RD,
And he is only 17 years old?
UA…Campus of Champions

Yes, just posted his post visit story.

This guy below and another I can’t remember looked better than Ayobami but that’s it. Pennel was HUGE. Some may remember him when he visited while Petrino was here.

If I remember the other guy’s name, I’ll post later.

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