Holtz #23, JFB #40 on greatest coaches list

As listed by a panel of experts for ESPN.com. Frank was two spots behind Darrell Royal; maybe if they call clipping against Mike Boschetti that would have been reversed.

Danny Ford is #73 but I’m pretty sure that’s not because of what he did at Arkansas, 1995 notwithstanding. Other UA head coaches: Hugo Bezdek #120, Francis Schmidt #125.

Alabama is 1 and 2 on the list by the way. Bear and Saban in that order.

Others of note: Jimmy Johnson is #49. Former Hatfield assistant Jerry Moore is #57. Johnny Majors #62. Hayden Fry, another JFB assistant, #91. Warren Woodson, whose first HC job was at UCA, is #108. Jackie Sherrill (JFB assistant) #116.

They have a paragraph on all 150 coaches. Pretty interesting, especially old-time coaches and small school guys you may not know about,

Top 150 CFB coaches of all time

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Here’s the URL, no link. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/page/CFB150coaches/the-150-greatest-coaches-college-football-150-year-history

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