Holmes on scholarship


Happy for him, always like to see the guys that work hard at practice get rewarded.

However, this leads to a few questions, is this a permanent scholarship or only for the remainder of the semester?

Also, they only had 1 scholarship available, that means instead of giving that to Justice Hill, who’s currently not on scholarship, they gave it to Holmes, which is kinda odd considering Hill is obviously a scholarship level player and it’s been the assumption first available scholarship would go to him.

Isn’t Holmes a Sr.

It’s for a half a semester.

It will go to Justice after this semester.

Cool, thanks for clarification Dudley.

That was very cool. They have some love for Holmes.

That is just right and good. Happy for him. Also, what support from his teammates. Great to see.

That scholarship was used well…

Just hope nobody was injured in that pileup. I keep thinking about the kid from Michigan State who returned that botched Michigan punt attempt for a touchdown on the last play of the game in 2015, but dislocated his hip in the celebration dogpile in the end zone and was out for the year.

best I’ve seen since CMA dancing at LSU, good stuff, thanks for sharing!

Really easy to like these players and this team. I"d love to see them make a strong run to end the year.


Holmes and the other walk one run Cleveland hill and put in all the work. It’s nice to see him get rewarded! I enjoy seeing him get into the games!

That was an emotional moment. I will watch for him to get some playing time. The team seems to be a close knit group which means good things for the future.