Holland released


I’m so happy Senor RD.

Young Mr. Holland needs to do what is best for him, so looking at the G-League is certainly not unwise, but since the the release has no bearing on any aspect other than college situations, the timing seems a bit unusual. Maybe I am just prone to over-analyze.

Since he’s visiting G-League Ignite today, I would assume that it had been scheduled for some time, and probably before he knew about this release. He commented that he’s already officially visited the Hogs, TX, KY, and UCLA, which to me means this visit today will be his only visit. If that’s the case, his final decision should be really soon.

Added what Paul said about possible college visits.

Why did he wait to get a release to visit Ignite? He didn’t have to.

Do you know that this visit wasn’t scheduled at least several days ago, before the announcement of the release. Scheduling an official visit together and visiting the same day doesn’t seem very likely.

Not my point. If he decided to go to the ignite, he did not have to ask for a release. It doesn’t make sense that he waited so long to go, and I’m pretty sure he knew he was getting released today.

True, but if he visited G-League Ignite before he got his release, he had no leverage to talk salary and signing bonus amounts. Now, he has several college NIL $ deals he can utlilize as leverage. If they don’t want to beat that figure by a large amount, he’s college bound.


Does anyone know what type of money that the G league team can offer?

Signing with the G League isn’t really about money. It’s about starting your pro career early, and I personally hate that it exists.

I just don’t believe it is worth the life experiences these kids are giving up to turn pro early.

Ron’s NIL will be on par at Arkansas with what he can make in the G League.

The only question is, does he want to experience college life for a year…and have a real shot at a natty?


Ron will be a Hog. You are correct on the NIL.


FWIW, not expecting any visitors this weekend, including Holland.

Do you expect Holland to visit at all?

I would be surprised if he doesn’t but weirder things have happened.

Would there be a real need for him to visit again?

That’s what I was thinking.