Holland/Nelson or Devo/Walsh?

Let’s assume the following 11 will be here next year (big assumption, for sure):

Brazile, Makhi, Graham, Pinion, Fall, Blocker, Menifield, Battle, Ellis, Davenport, and Mark.

Would you rather round out the roster with Holland and Nelson or Devo and Walsh, if you had to choose?

Dang, that’s like Sophie’s Choice.:grin:
I need more options.

Holland is the best of all 4. So Holland and Nelson it is.

How about 3 of the 4 plus a surprise.

3 of those 4, would be a surprise.

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With Muss, you never know :grin:

I know nothing about Holland and I have seen Nelson play and I can tell you he’s very good. Devo and Walsh are basically defensive guys who on occasions can show up offensively… Nelson is a very good offensive player… I don’t know what kind of offensive player Holland is so kind of hard to answer that question

I am hoping for Holland, Nelson, and Devo, with the caveat that, of course I want Jordan back, but he seems to be moving up the mocks. I figure he will stay in the draft…being in the 30’s isn’t as bad as it used to be…i.e. JWill.
So, someone would still have to go.
I’m not sure all of our portal players will make it to campus, but if I had to pick odd man out, it would be Davenport.
The real question, to me, is Muss gonna play more guys, because we are gonna be loaded.


Billy, Holland is a yes sir, no sir kid who would dunk on his grandma to win. Absolutely elite athleticism with a turbo charged motor…plays with an edge.
I think he’s the best HS prospect in the country.


Deco has taken us as far as we can go with him. I say next. Sorry, with NIL it’s strictly business now.

Sorry, Devo

I’ve seen Holland play about 4 times in person. Including a head to head matchup against Stephon Castle (U Conn signee).

Holland is an elite athlete. No question. He scores in much the same way as Rickey Council: driving to the basket/getting to the line, offensive rebounds/put backs, loose balls/steals leading to fast break points, and SC top-10 worthy dunks. His shot improved from his junior to senior years, but he’s certainly not a pure shooter. He has length, athleticism, and the motor to be an elite defender. He would immediately be on of the best players on any college roster.

But, best prospect in the country?? Not sure about that. Although I’ve only seen him once, I’d take Stephon Castle over Ron Holland if I had the choice. Castle is everything Anthony Black is, but Castle can shoot. He has a very nice shot. He absolutely schooled Holland on multiple possessions (Castle had 41 points before fouling out with a minute to go in the game I saw. He was unstoppable. Holland had about 30 or so, and Duncanville won by 4)

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It is hard to take you seriously when you are so quick to jetison a player that plays like a demon in March and almost single-handedly beat the defending National Champs.

Devo IS Arkansas Basketball, and these new dudes could learn A LOT from him. His dental bills prove it.


I know you have seen Holland a lot, but Castle is not available, and Ron is.
I just like the edge Holland plays with.
I will admit that I know next to nothing about Castle.

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What kind of shooter is he… can he shoot the three or is he pretty much look to drive??

Yeah sounds like he’s a guy who’s going to try to penetrate and score… doesn’t sound like much of a shooter from the three though… which on this team will be fine because we’re going to have three or four guys that can do that

He is not a great shooter at this point, Billy, but he thrives in transition and defends like his pants are on fire.

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Well we’re going to have several guys that can shoot the three anyway this year

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I read an article that says Nelson hired an agent if true doesn’t that eliminate college eligibility?

Not necessarily. There are agents approved by the NCAA. So long as he hired one approved by them, he can return to college.

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