Hollan starting Friday

McEntire Saturday.

Smith is fine.

Will he use Smith out of the bullpen if need be or save him for Sunday?

Strange, are Auburn right handed heavy? Hagen has looked good.

I see a Jaw Sawatski role in mind for now. That might change down the road depending on a few factors and if Tygart can actually come back this year (I know what they are saying but…). Hagan will probably still throw his share of pitches though each weekend.

I’m telling you right now that if ZM can start to build off of yesterday’s outing it would be a huge thing.

Hagen is the best we have. However, he’s had trouble with pitch count the past few games.

A closer hasn’t been established.

Smith could possibly close more than once in a weekend.

Just a thought.

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Here are the details:

Yeah I appreciate what Hagen is willing to do but am very scary that we don’t overuse him and lose him late in the year right when we cannot afford to… He admitted last year his arm got tired and while we moved him to to the BP

Sounds like to me he made close Friday night… then go as long as he can on Sunday. Absolutely great plan if we can cover about five innings on Sunday and
At the same time not use him up and hurt his arm

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Shocker Auburn throwing two LH at us but I think we’re probably a little better equipped this year because we our LH hitters are going the other way.

Hagen has really nice stuff, but throws way too many pitches well off the plate. He could be real tough with a bit more control.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this shakes out!
Smith is capable of saving 2 games. Or saving
Game and starting on Sunday. DVH wants to have a plan in place that allows the flexibility to maximize his studs and this is one way to get it done. If the hogs can avoid Hagen having to come in on Friday and Saturday the. He’s able to start Sunday or come in after the 3rd or 4th inning and go the distance! It appears he’s a little uncomfortable with putting the closer role on the freshman right now.