Holiday Special score prediction thread: Arkansas vs. Va. Tech

I know it’s early, but the holidays are upon us and Christmas (not to mention the Belk Bowl) will be upon us before we know it.

So: Arkansas has won three straight bowl games for the first time ever. This coach gets his players ready for bowl games, so I think they’ll make it four straight. We should have the better players. We should win, despite what schemes they run (As Joe Kines says, “It’s more about the Jimmys and Joes than the X’s and O’s.”).

Arkansas 31, Va. Tech 28.

I hate to even think about it. It is almost impossible to win against a good team such as VT who is very motivated when you have very little defense and what you have is too slow to play college ball, and also has yet to realize this is tackle football and waving at the guy as he goes by does not count.

I think our O will be OK and the Oline will continue to improve although I still see that second half against MO when they would not block anybody. Our only hope is to outscore them and to do that will take VT stopping themselves as our defense will not stop them. To that end:

AR 31
VT 55 or ever how many they want to score.

I’m normally optimistic, but not for this game. I may be reading too much into that MU loss, but it seems the whole hog family got deflated after that. I hope the team gets back up, but I’m afraid VT is just better than we are. Even if we score a lot, I don’t see us stopping them. We didn’t stop MU, MSU, or LSU. We stopped UF, but I’m not sure that was us so much as it was the Gator QB.

VT 48, Hogs 31.

What I wouldn’t give to be wrong.

This team will be ready like we were for Florida

Ark 38
VT 24

Hogs 31
VT 22

VT 58
Hogs 17

:frowning: :oops: :cry:

Hogs 31 - Va Tech 28, would be a very good prelude to a New Year !

Hope I’m wrong. I have zero confidence in our defense. Wish coach b would take control of it for a game. Tech 44. Good guys 24

Another dual-threat QB spells trouble for our historically bad defense. Va Tech’s high-powered offense rolls. Arkansas’ offense, while pretty salty, won’t be able to keep up.

I am not looking for any miracles. The 2016 team is what it is; poor defense. If offense can not score more that 30 points, the team usually loses. VT 49, AR 28. I hope I am wrong!

Hogs in an upset. 45-42.